Krispy Kreme Fans Won't Want To Miss Its New Spring Weekend Deal

Krispy Kreme often runs promotions for its donuts, like a recent chocolate BOGO deal when customers could buy a dozen chocolate glazed donuts and receive 12 of the store's Original Glazed donuts for just $1. That's a big deal for Krispy Kreme lovers, 48% of whom say that the chain's glazed donuts are their favorite above apple fritters, glazed crullers, and more. If you missed out on that chance to get cheap glazed donuts, mark your calendar — because Krispy Kreme just announced a similar deal that happens to be more customizable.

On its Instagram account, the donut chain shared that customers can buy any dozen donuts of their choice and get a dozen of the Original Glazed donuts for $1. There are a few reasons as to why Krispy Kreme's donuts are so delicious, from their freshness to their sugary glaze and the fact that the recipes are a secret. We do have our own copycat glazed Krispy Kreme recipe, but if only the real thing will satisfy your craving, this deal is for you.

How long will this Krispy Kreme deal last?

Starting on April 22, you can head to Krispy Kreme to pick up your $1 order of glazed donuts. If you've already got plans, don't worry: This deal will go on for another month. According to Krispy Kreme's Instagram post, the BOGO promotion will be available from Friday to Sunday each week until May 22. That means that if you're hosting a weekend gathering to celebrate spring, these donuts will make a shareable and affordable dessert.

The caption of Krispy Kreme's post also explains that you can start saving money on your donuts even earlier. Customers can preorder their two dozen donuts on April 21 and use the code BESWEET when checking out online. It already looks like fans are taking advantage of the promotion. "Just ordered," one Instagram user said with two hands raised emojis, while another person said, "Kk gonna be the death of me. I swear." Remember, to get the $1 glazed dozen, you'll need to order another 12 donuts. Don't know which ones to choose? We've ranked 25 Krispy Kreme flavors to help you make your decision.