The Real Reason Yolanda Gampp Took A Break From How To Cake It - Exclusive

When in doubt, cake it out. Or, at least, that's what Yolanda Gampp does. The "How To Cake It" star is well known for her passion for baking, along with her extreme cakes that take fondant to the next level. With 4.32 million subscribers to date, the YouTuber has amassed some loyal fans throughout her amazing cake-featuring series. Now, the "Beyoncé of Cakes" has more recently taken to Instagram to show off her skills.

Gampp has created everything from a real-sized yoga mat cake to an authentic peanut butter jar cake. Fans looked forward to her weekly creations — until she took a break about a year ago. During that time, the cake artist was filming "Crime Scene Kitchen," a popular FOX show that gets down to the nitty-gritty of baking. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Yolanda explained the real reason why there is a long gap in "How To Cake It" and elaborated on some of the other projects she was working on in the meantime.

Gampp needed time to work on other projects

In addition to "Crime Scene Kitchen," Yolanda Gampp is releasing her own cake cookbook called "Layer Up!" She explained, "With 'How To Cake It,' the whole reason I was able to go on 'Crime Scene Kitchen' [and] write 'Layer Up!' is because I put a pause on the channel, because for years before that, we were in this hamster wheel of constantly putting out an episode, which — as I mentioned before, when you watch a 12-minute video on YouTube, you have no idea what went into creating that video."

Gampp mentioned that an average video takes about two to four days to film, edit, and post. She continued, "It did become very tiring ... and I have a lot of other things in life. I have a child and I had all these other projects I wanted to accomplish. I've been on a very long cake journey." Yolanda has decorated cakes for over 24 years, in which she felt she needed a change. "How To Cake It" allowed her to explore creativity, as she would often take cake suggestions from her fans' comments.

Although "How To Cake It" has come to a pause, Yolanda's new book comes out on May 3 and includes all of the recipes you need for the ultimate cakes and desserts. The book features "stuffed cakes," which means your favorite desserts like apple pie, are stuffed into a giant cake. Talk about a mouthful — of cake, that is.

Visit Yolanda's website to pre-order "Layer Up!" and try new cake recipes.