Chocolate Cake Recipes That Are Dangerously Delicious

There's nothing quite like a good chocolate cake, is there? Arguably the classiest, most decadent, and most luxurious of all the desserts, the not-so-humble chocolate cake ought to be a cinch to prepare for any baker worth their salt. Still, you can only get so much enjoyment out of the most basic of recipes, and the sad truth is that it's not always easy to bring a fresh new perspective to a dessert everyone has had a thousand times before. But that's all the more reason to try, don't you think?

Each of these chocolate cake recipes adds something new and exciting to the classic chocolate cake recipe. We've got the tastiest loaves, Nutella delights, not-so-German German treats, zesty orange dreams, molten wonders, and the finest copycat recipes around. Good stuff, basically. So forget that diet plan, throw on an apron, and get baking ... 'cause these cakes aren't going to make themselves.

Everyday chocolate cake

The clue's in the name with our Everyday Chocolate Cake recipe. This is a simple, hugely tasty chocolate loaf that goes easy on the richness and the fancy decorations, meaning you won't feel guilty for pinching a slice at any point in the day. Need a post-lunch pick-me-up? You got it. Midnight snack? Not a problem. Guilty breakfast? Hey, we won't judge. All you need is a handful of ingredients (nothing too out of the ordinary; if you've made chocolate cake before, you can make this) and a little over an hour of your time, and you're good to go.

3-Ingredient Nutella chocolate cake

Everyone knows that Nutella goes with pretty much anything — from toast to ice cream to, uh, chicken — but nothing quite matches that rich, nutty taste quite like chocolate cake. And our 3-Ingredient Nutella Chocolate Cake recipe just happens to be so simple that quite literally anybody could make it. All you need is flour, eggs, and (obviously) Nutella. Beat the eggs and Nutella together, fold in the flour, bake it, frost it with a little more Nutella, and bam — you're done. When was the last time something so easy tasted so good?

German chocolate cake

Okay, so the funny thing about this German Chocolate Cake recipe is that it's not actually German at all. In fact, it's named after Sam German, whose recipe was first published in the Dallas Morning News in 1957. But what it may lack in Germanic authenticity it more than makes up for in sheer, unadulterated magnificence. It's not the easiest recipe out there, and you'll have to roll your sleeves up to get that frosting and filling made (not to mention that stunning topping decoration) — but the results will be more than worth the effort.

Orange chocolate loaf cake

Orange chocolate is a tragically underrated sweet treat. Still, anyone who knows their stuff will be able to tell you that it's also one of the tastiest — and nowhere is that more obvious than with this Orange Chocolate Loaf Cake recipe. It's more or less a simple chocolate loaf, like our Everyday Loaf, with the only real difference being the inclusion of orange zest and an orange-flavored glaze on top. The difference in taste, however, is palpable, making for a simple yet unique twist on a classic recipe.

Nothing Bundt Cakes copycat

With their instantly recognizable icing and truly delectable taste, Nothing Bundt's cakes are nothing less than iconic. But if you don't have a location nearby — or just can't get out of the house — then you should try our Nothing Bundt Cakes Copycat recipe. The cake itself is simple enough for even amateur bakers, and aside from the odd curveball (such as the inclusion of a few dollops of mayo), nothing should really surprise you too much. And once you get that frosting on top, well — let's just say it's pretty much everything.

Molten chocolate lava cakes

Aside from being the most delectable, delicious, and utterly decadent dessert on the face of the planet, lava cakes have the added benefit of making you look like an expert baker. The thing is, though, they're not necessarily all that difficult to pull off. Just take our Molten Chocolate Lava Cakes recipe, for example. With just a few ingredients and a very short baking time (a little less than 10 minutes), you don't need to have graduated from Le Cordon Bleu to nail this recipe. Get it right, though, and it might just look like you did.