Why You Should Make Portobello Mushrooms In Your Air Fryer

Air fryers are definitely having their moment. If you want a trendy, small appliance for your kitchen, the air fryer is literally "it." Oprah Winfrey even added this kitchen gadget to her list of "Favorite Things" a few years back, and when Oprah puts her stamp of approval on a product, it has to be awesome, right? Still, if the Oprah effect isn't enough proof of the air fryer's popularity, just check out NPD's press release, which details how more than 25 million air fryers have been sold in the past two years alone. NPD reports air fryer usage has also increased 60% for dinner-related meals.

We love air fryers and we are air frying everything. From potatoes and Brussels spouts, to donuts and fried chicken — and pretty much any food you can think of — the air fryer can cook up our favorite foods without the addition of much fat or oil. It makes foods faster, crispier and crunchier than ever, which is why it's perfect for cooking portobello mushrooms. Portobello mushrooms can be a great addition to a plant-based diet or to the occasional meat-less weekday meal. And according to Kitchn, portobello mushrooms should be on your list of foods to try using this countertop appliance and here's why.

Air frying helps prevent soggy mushrooms

Portabello mushrooms are rather large in size, per the Spruce Eats, and are often served stuffed, grilled, or even fried. When you read about these fungi, the word "meaty" is often used to describe their taste and texture, according to Splendid Table, but Kitchn notes that, when you fry these mushrooms in a traditional manner, they can become soggy. They explain that this is due to the increased moisture that's drawn out from the mushroom when you are frying it. 

But the air fryer is a game changer. Its higher temperature helps create an environment for this shroom's water content to evaporate, producing that chewy, meat-like texture on the inside that's synonymous with this type of mushroom, while leaving it crispy and crunchy on the outside. How? If you are not familiar, CNET explains that air fryers are like a convection oven, where the temperature is hotter and the air whips around faster than a normal oven, creating perfection in smaller quantities.

Kitchn further shares you can air fry portabello mushroom caps all by themselves or in thick slices. And guess what? It will take all of 8 minutes for your mushrooms to go from the fryer to the table. Moreover, the blog Cook It Real Good recommends shaking your air fryer basket every few minutes as your portobello mushrooms cook so they will be perfect to eat.