Duff Goldman Reveals His Go-To Guilty Pleasure Food - Exclusive

Duff Goldman is known for creating the most incredible desserts. The size, color, and creativity are truly unmatched for many of the creations coming out of his bakery, Charm City Cakes. Goldman also serves as a judge on a number of Food Network shows, including "Holiday Baking Championship" and "Spring Baking Championship." Not to mention, there's the long run of his hit show, "Ace of Cakes."

Now, Goldman is sharing both sweet and savory recipes in an all-new show, "Ace of Taste," which debuted on Food Network April 24.

With his hands in so many culinary ventures, many focused on sweets, we wanted to know what Goldman turns to as his ultimate guilty pleasure food. And while the star said he never actually feels guilty about it, his answer still might surprise you. In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Goldman shared all about his favorite indulgence foods he's grabbing at the gas station convenience store.

Duff Goldman on nachos and chili dogs

With Duff Goldman's incredible culinary skills in the kitchen, it might be hard to believe that he doesn't make every meal at home. But it's certainly true. While the Food Network star loves to cook and bake for his family and community, he also loves a quick bite from time to time. And at a gas station convenience store no less.

Goldman notes that 7-Eleven nachos are one of his favorite guilty pleasure foods. You know the ones: A simple tray of chips, you put as much cheese from the machine on top as you could possibly want, and then maybe even top the pile with chili. You could even add other toppings such as jalapenos for a spicy kick. It's quick and convenient and delicious! "That's the thing, I never feel guilty about it," he shared.

Another gas station favorite of Goldman's? None other than a classic chili dog. "A Big Bite with chili on it [is] one of my favorite things in the world, seriously," he said.

Catch new episodes of Duff Goldman's new show, "Ace of Taste," on Food Network every Sunday at 12 p.m. ET.