Everything We Know About Duff Goldman's New Show, Ace Of Taste

Fans of food shows might not think of Duff Goldman as a solo act. He shares the spotlight when he battles it out with Buddy Valastro on "Buddy vs. Duff." He co-hosts "Kids Baking Championship" with Valerie Bertinelli. And Goldman was joined by a talented team of decorators on "Ace of Cakes." He's done a lot of work with other people on the Food Network over the years.

Now, news comes that fans will get to see the cake ace back on the screen with a brand new Food Network show. Except, this time, he won't be sharing the space with other food stars. Spilling the details of "Ace of Taste" on Instagram, the Charm City Cakes owner said that he finally has his "very own kitchen show." Goldman hinted on Twitter that viewers might see his wife Johnna Goldman and his daughter Josephine or, at the very least, what they eat: "I've wanted to have a real cooking show forever. #AceOfTaste is basically me cooking for Josephine and @johnnapgoldmnan."

Ace of Taste is all about easy cooking with the Goldman family

According to Food Network, Goldman shreds all the fancy baking and cooking in "Ace of Taste," swapping elaborate recipes for fresh breakfasts, dinners, snacks, and desserts that are incredibly easy to make. "Duff's whipping up sweet *and* savory meals for his wife and young daughter when they're hanging out at home in LA," says the network website.

"Audiences have seen me break down baking science into plain English on the 'Baking Championships'" he said to The Wrap, adding that "now, instead of just eating food and telling you what I think about a dish, I actually get to show you how I like to make it." So what recipes might viewers expect to learn from Goldman's new show? Everything that he cooks in his everyday life of course. Finger foods served at Josephine's first tea party, school bake sale classics with a Goldman twist, and cheeseburgers on choux buns for his bandmates – these are only a few of the recipes the chef hints at in his announcement.  He also says that while the show will see him cook lots of savory recipes, there will be plenty of baking over the course of the six half-hour episodes as well — it wouldn't feel like a Duff Goldman show without baking, after all.

"Ace of Taste" premiers on Sunday, April 24 at 12 pm ET/PT on Food Network.