What The Great British Baking Show Season 12 Contestants Are Up To Today

"The Great British Baking Show" fan following is no joke. Without gimmicky distractions or a money prize, the wholesome show allows for contestant camaraderie and unfussy baking. According to Variety, the GBBS season 12 finale garnered 6.9 million Channel 4 viewers and a 37% audience share in the U.K. The American following is just as strong. Per BBC, the American audience appreciates the show's friendly vibe and cake pedestal grand prize — a welcomed break from U.S. cut-throat cooking competitions like Hell's Kitchen.

Every year, we welcome a new batch of bakers into our homes, excited to fixate on the comfortably predictable GBBS layout. 10 weeks of obsession lead to a sorrowful final episode. Not even five minutes after the finalists grasp congratulatory flower bouquets, GBBS diehards charge into a tailspin of questions. What are the bakers up to after the whirlwind of a GBBS season? Are they still baking? Working on a baking book? How many followers do they have? Well, it's about time we catch up with the very talented season 12 bakers and find out what life is looking like less than a year after leaving the GBBS tent.


Before her time on "The Great British Baking Show," Amanda was a woman of many talents. She has a degree in graphic design, works as a London detective, and is a mom to two adorable kids. Per the show's website, Amanda was born and bred in London and grew up baking by her mom's side. As a result, her Greek-Cypriot heritage was fundamental to her approach. In week two, she whipped up sesame brandy snaps and she made an olive, red pepper, and feta cheese focaccia in week three.

Nowadays, Amanda fills her days with chilly swims, binge-watching Ricky Gervais' "Afterlife," and, of course, baking. In January, she installed a brilliant blue Rangemaster to fulfill her baking needs. In March, Heart London Magazine featured Amanda in an article about wild swimming. According to Amanda, cold-water swimming and productivity go hand in hand. She shared, "The colder the water, the more intense the high ... I'd even go so far as to say wild swimming makes me a better baker." One thing is for sure. We can expect her to continue inspiring and spreading positivity to her thousands of Instagram followers with bread, cakes, and cookies in tow.


Quickly anointed the novice baker of season 12, Chigs broke all expectations, including his own. He picked up baking just a few months before filming, and like many of us, his flour-filled journey began with a sourdough starter (via People Magazine). By the end of week four, Chigs had earned Star Baker for his grand Black Forest gateau, and a few weeks later, he was a finalist.

Since the show aired, life has been very different for the self-identified sneakerhead (via Instagram). Baking now runs in Chigs' not so novice veins, so he waited all of three days before preheating the oven again. When he's not at the insurance sales office, Chigs is connecting with fans through Instagram baking competitions, attempting to laminate stylish kouign amann dough, and perusing the Bishop Auckland Foodfest.

Per People Magazine, Chigs stays in constant touch with the eleven other contestants and is very close with fellow contestants Jürgen and Giuseppe. A WhatsApp chat keeps the baking banter alive when in-person meetings aren't possible. One thing is for sure — his shopping routine can be a public spectacle. Chigs explains, "I feel guilty if I'm in Sainsbury's buying bread or a couple of cakes because people who recognize me look into my trolley and say, 'Shouldn't you be baking that?' Now I bring a big black carrier bag into the store to hide my shopping" (via Mirror UK).


GBBS finalist, two-time Star Baker, and miso enthusiast Crystelle Pereira has been quite busy since completing 30 total bakes in the notorious white tent. In fact, Pereira is leading a rather glamorous life post GBBS. In March 2022, Pereira not only attended the highly anticipated "Bridgerton" season two world premiere, but she strutted down the catwalk wearing a Lady Bridgerton-inspired gown (via Instagram). A few days later, per The Sun, she made a celebrity contestant cameo on "House of Games" — a UK-based trivia reality show.

Still, she seems to have plenty of time to indulge her love of baking. The month of March has been a busy one for Pereira. First, she appeared on "Good Morning America" from her U.K. kitchen. She demoed carrot cake pancakes (with a secret ginger beer ingredient) layered with cream cheese frosting and drizzled with maple syrup. Meanwhile, Today published an article written by Pereira, discussing her three years of proper baking experience and imparting some very sound advice. She wrote, "You don't have to love every aspect of baking. Find what you love, what you're good at, and just keep at it."

More recently, Pereira has returned to her self-proclaimed "haphazard" cooking roots, posting a mother-daughter shakshuka step-by-step on Instagram. Then, at the end of April, she hosted a virtual cooking demo with King Arthur Baking. Pereira whipped up lime meringue Viennese whirls inspired by American key lime pie during the one-hour session — just in time for a sweet and citrusy summer.


Freya made quite a splash from day one on GBBS as one of the youngest contestants ever (at 19years old) AND the first-ever vegan baker to enter the show's white tent. Per the U.S. Sun, her cake with chocolate sponge, kirsch buttercream, and cherry jam left quite an impression on judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith. Life is even sweeter now that she's left the tent. In January 2022, Freya partnered with vegan chocolate brand Rhythm 108 for Vegan-uary, demonstrating chocolate recipes for a show called "Savor la Petite Pause" on YouTube. Mint chocolate mousse and almond and sea salt rocky road bites are just two of her vegan chocolate creations.

Cox posted an exciting Instagram announcement on Earth Day, teasing her first book, "Simply Vegan Baking." Cox exclaimed, "I've written a book!" adding details about recipe contents and easy-to-follow instructions. The book is, of course, entirely vegan, but she notes, "There's something for everyone, whether you are vegan or not!" The book is available for preorder now and will be released on September 27th, 2022, in the U.S. In addition to baking up a book, Cox is also exploring a career in modeling. She posted a series of photos from an outdoor shoot, adding that "fashion and shooting with incredible photographers" — along with baking — is a passion project (via Instagram).


Since season 12 wrapped, George Aristidou is back to family life in London and baking up treats inspired by his Greek-Cypriot heritage. Unfortunately, George left the show in week seven's caramel week. Still, he had already made an impression on GBBS fans (via Twitter). These days, he's balancing life as a husband, a father of three, and a public baking figure. A total family man, George made a flower pot cake for the mothers in his life on Mother's Day (March 25th in the U.K.) and posted a picture to Instagram. Comments from other GBBS contestants quickly rolled in with praise, including one from fellow season 12 contestant Crystelle. She commented, "This is so stunning, George!" and confirmed that the flower pot masterpiece was his GBBS audition cake.

More recently, George advertised a paid Easter partnership with U.K. brand Wholesale Sweets, an online wholesale sweet retail shop. His Instagram video highlights a candy and chocolate-coated kitchen counter with original Easter-themed bakes. George originals included cute carrot cake-flower pot desserts, mini cheesecake domes with Biscoff crust and marshmallow flowers, and an Easter nest pavlova (with adorable chocolate eggs) filled with lemon curd and Biscoff cream.

When the oven isn't preheating, George is fulfilling Cameo requests for next-level GBBS fans. He must have a knack for making people's days. His personalized messages have left quite an impression. One recipient shouted, "George, you smashed it out of the park," while another wrote, "If there were six stars, it wouldn't be enough."


The proud winner of season 12, Giuseppe Dell'Anno, made quite the Italian splash on this British production. His final bake in the tent — a mad as a hatter's sweet and savory afternoon tea party display — included great choux buns, heart cakes, and a panna cotta awarded "the most perfect texture" from GBBS judge Prue Leith (via Netflix).

Giuseppe has been on the move nonstop. Per Instagram, he left Milan for good (after just moving back the previous summer) to permanently settle in Bristol's suburbs. However, Giuseppe happily dug his heels into his proud Italian heritage before leaving. He posted a selfie with his Auntie Vera on Instagram making Italian tielle (stuffed pizza).

Back in the U.K., Giuseppe's life has significantly changed. He told Vulture, "I get stopped a lot in the streets." Embracing the British love, he partnered with Lindwood's Health Foods in January to develop a healthy English breakfast lineup. Giuseppe couldn't wrap his head around Britain's savory go-to breakfast plate, per The Sunday Post, but quickly came around to the concept. So, what's next for Giuseppe? He told Evening Standard he would love to write a cookbook one day to "crystallise my dad and family's heritage." Hopefully, his perfected focaccia recipe will make the final cut.


Jairzeno was eliminated in week two but forged an adoring fan base before leaving. Baking since 2014, the London local infuses the flavors of his native Trinidad & Tobago (like guava, mango, and passion fruit) in almost everything he bakes. Per his GBBS Bio Page, his mission is to create gorgeous-looking bakes that don't lack flavor.

Since GBBS aired, he's returned to his job in London, working in Finance (via LinkedIn). However, his "baking is like breaking!" mentality isn't slowing down anytime soon. The month of April was a sweet one for Jairenzo. His first publicized bake was an apple, pink peppercorn, and lime cake coated in a powdered sugar dusting and fine pink peppercorn grating (via Instagram). A stunning mixed berry mousse with creme de cassis gel and glazed berries was next up, easily worth a window spot in a Parisian patisserie. Finally, his passion fruit and basil mousse rounded out the month, its brilliant yellow color a warm welcome for sunny spring weather.


Jürgen Krauss' week nine exit shocked the world, but his baking talents and humble personality will live on in GBBS history. Through his nine weeks of baking, he continuously wowed the judges. It all started with a mini roll original — a famed Black Forest version referencing his German homeland (via Netflix). By the end of his stint on the show, he had won Star Baker three times and quite a few Paul Hollywood handshakes (via Vulture).

Post GBBS, Jürgen keeps to his German baking roots, plays trombone, and hangs out with his pet rabbit Humphry. In Mid-April, he appeared Brighton feature on German television (via BR Mediathek). Unfortunately, only German speakers can decipher the audio, but video footage gives a sneak peek into the contestant's Brighton home. Inside, a statuesque cake — featuring an edible GBBS workstation-bound Jürgen huddled around a cake, three stars, a book, and a German windmill — sits as a showroom piece behind encased glass. Humphry made his television debut, Jürgen played the trombone, and an Instagram deep-dive disclosed his 180k Instagram followers.

In July, Jürgen will teach Brighton locals how to make German rye sourdough (via The Argus). During the class, he will explain the "Detmold Einstufenfuhrung" — a form of scientific and experimental baking — with tips on dough hydration, ratios, and rye sourdough starters. Per Vulture, Jürgen had no expectations going into the GBBS tent but is very excited for the future.


Lizzie's whimsicality was a breath of fresh air for GBBS fans. Her dessert week Easter pavlova was bright and cheerful, rivaling her fabulous orange hair and cheeky one-liners with cohost Matt Lucas (via Netflix). There was no better at-home bake to capture her smiley energy than a book cake to celebrate World Book Day. She baked a near replica of "A Flower Fairies Treasury" with a vanilla cake, praline and chocolate ganache, and rice paper book pages.

Lizzie met one of her best pals on GBBS. At the beginning of March, Lizzie told Eater that she'd just bought a house in Liverpool and that fellow baking contestant Freya would be moving in with her. Fortunately for us, they broadcast their silly antics and fun baking ideas every Tuesday on their Instagram "Challenge Series." Together, they suited up for a day of ice skating, "painting" on sheet cake canvases, and whipping up a pancake breakfast.

Lizzie can attest to the season 12 bond between contestants. She says, "We talk every week," divulging the benefits of a 12-person WhatsApp chat. Specifically, a failed Champagne syrup that fellow contestant Jairzeno was quick to help her with (via Eater). More recently, Lizzie teamed up with Nielsen-Massey Vanillas to create an Easter spring bunny cake. Not only is the recipe festive, but also gluten-free and absolutely adorable.


The twelfth year of the GBBS was a season of fan favorites, and former nurse and midwife Maggie was undoubtedly one of them. Her charming aura — the kind that speaks Gin & Tonic cupcakes into existence — immediately captured the hearts of GBBS fans everywhere. Her gentle nature touched the other contestants too. According to Eater, Maggie was a great support to Lizzie and indulges the cast with green room shoulder massages.

Recently, Maggie has been living a life full of local adventure and great food. Maggie caught up with season 12 bakers Chigs, Freya, Amanda, and Steven in London. Maggie captured weekend trip highlights — full of coffee, wine, ice cream, pastries, and a botanic garden visit — and posted video footage on Instagram. Maggie also attended a fundraiser lunch at White Pepper Chef's Academy to raise funds for Ukraine. Cookery students prepared and served an eight-dish menu outside under much appreciated blue Poole skies.


Rochica, a Birmingham resident and human resources business partner, has kept a lower profile since wrapping up her GBBS experience. Per Birmingham Live, her first love was dancing, but after a bad injury, she turned to baking to keep busy, using her Caribbean roots as inspiration for original sweet treats. Close to her family, their support has meant everything to Rochica, who shared, "My dad has been watching the episodes five times over, he knows them off by heart now."

Right after the GBBS finale, Rochica met up with the other 11 bakers for the "Extra Slice," a weekly debrief show throughout the season with a grand finale reunion after the winner is crowned (via Instagram). She continues to bake, and for Easter, she made a Jamaican staple, bun and cheese. The celebrations keep rolling for Rochica. In May 2022, she celebrated her birthday with a post-breakfast surprise dessert.


Tom Fletcher's GBBS time was brief, leaving the tent in just the first week. But getting a spot on the show is a considerable accomplishment, and baking in the humid summer heat is no joke. Ever since he was young, Tom has been drawn to baking. But, in the last few years, he's upped his baking game, concocting late-night recipes (hence his nickname, "midnight baker"), and serving treats to family.

Tom is currently a software engineer working for a family company, but when he isn't working or baking, he loves to sing and perform in amateur dramatics (via GBBS Bio Page). Despite his cake week disappointment, Tom's "Classically Spectacular" cake recipe — an adaptation of his last bake in the tent — is featured on the show's website. The cake features a lemon cake, lemon curd, candied lemons, almond buttercream, and almond praline shards for topping the tiered cake — a wonderful summer barbecue showstopper.