The New Pizza Chain That Wants To Challenge The Big-Name Companies

Remember the days when you actually had to talk to someone on the phone to get a pizza delivered to your address? We don't either. With technological advances and constantly changing needs, the pizza industry has changed drastically over the past decade, with many businesses turning to online ordering, apps, and automation to improve customer convenience and efficiency.

Of course, while pizza delivery has undeniably become more convenient than ever, some businesses are looking for bigger, more creative ways to maximize the customer experience and gain a leg up on the competition. Wouldn't it be neat, for instance, if in addition to your pizza order, you could get some other essentials, like detergent, cold medicine, or regular groceries? It seems Gopuff is determined to make that possible.

According to Eat This, Not That, the popular online convenience store and delivery startup just announced the launch of its own exclusive delivery-only, digital pizza chain. "We are proud to launch The Mean Tomato, our first fresh food brand as Gopuff further establishes itself as the one-stop instant commerce destination," said SVP Daniel Folkman in a press release (via QSR Magazine). The development comes three years after the debut of the brand's first prepared-foods initiative Gopuff Kitchen, and it will allow customers to order a freshly prepared pizza, along with any other essentials they might need, for a flat same-day delivery rate of $2.95. 

GoPuff's The Mean Tomato will bring pizza directly to doorsteps, along with other essentials

The launch of Mean Tomato comes at a time when many restaurants are shifting to ghost kitchen and cashier-less operations, while online retailers are moving into the prepared meals space. It also dovetails with consumers turning to delivery for its efficiency, which may become even more relevant as rising gas prices encourage people to look for any reason to not have to get in their car to grab dinner and groceries. With The Mean Tomato, Gopuff customers will be able to get all of their household essentials and a freshly-prepared pizza all on the same order, without having to use different apps or pay multiple delivery fees.

"This is an exciting new category for Gopuff with great potential – we're just beginning to test the waters in terms of what we can do in the fresh, made-to-order food space with instant delivery," the VP of GoPuff Kitchen, Amelia Riba said in a press release. The company elaborated that Mean Tomato will also distinguish itself from its competition by preparing made-to-order pizzas with ingredients such as "farm-fresh tomato sauce." It will feature a menu that caters specifically to the tastes of Gopuff users, which consists predominantly of 20-somethings and college kids who are looking for more creative food choices. Customers will be able to order pies topped with unique combinations like Mike's Hot Honey or Truff Hot Sauce, in addition to classic NYC style varieties.