Why Pizza Vending Machines Might Be In Aldi's Future

Back in May 2021, a pizza vending machine popped up in Rome that caused some locals to react in horror, per CNN. Some said that the robot-assembled pizza could work as a snack in a hurry, but couldn't be considered true pizza. Others said that the machine eschewed the true joy of the food, which lies in watching a chef stretch and form the dough. Another simply said, "I wouldn't even think of eating a pizza made by a machine." This level of shock hasn't stopped these automatic pizza-making machines from slowly finding their niche throughout the world, and now your local Aldi might even claim one of these pizza dispensers in the near future.

One of these devices has recently found its way to Australia and has started turning heads. Fast Casual reports that an Aldi store in North Sydney now has one of these vending machines, which features a glass front so shoppers can watch their pizza get made. Each robot-made pizza goes for $8.99 and the machine can create about 450 pies every day. While this innovation may prove convenient, the device has some way to go before reaching an Aldi near you.

The future of Aldi's pizza robots

According to 7News, the pizza vending machine at an Australian Aldi location can currently create pepperoni pizzas and Italiana pizzas. The pizza-making machine is supplied with buffalo mozzarella, basil, salami, and dough, while some ingredients get partially cooked and prepared before being loaded into the device. The machine also uses a wood-fired oven to create a uniform pizza every time. While this pizza dispenser has caused a stir over on social media and provided a quick meal for anyone on the go, you might not see this device hit your Aldi in the U.S., let alone another part of Australia, anytime in the near future.

Aldi installed the pizza vending machine, Pizzabot, as part of a limited-time trial. As of now, the North Sydney Aldi location operates as the only grocery store in the country that features this type of machine and Aldi has no current plans to expand this type of robot to their other stores anytime soon. If you want to taste a robot-made pizza, you might just have to plan a trip to North Sydney's Aldi. Otherwise, book a ticket to Rome and visit the pizza vending machine that continues to appall and horrify local Italians.