The 'Down And Dirty' Moment Padma Lakshmi Had With 1 Of Muhammad Ali's Children

For Padma Lakshmi, exercise isn't just something she does to stay in shape. It's also a way to stay grounded, focused, and in tune with herself. "The mental benefits I get from exercise [...] far surpasses any physical benefit," she wrote in one Instagram post. As such, the "Top Chef" star keeps a rigorous fitness regimen, sometimes working out seven days a week according to Parade. But while Lakshmi is known to lift weights, ask her what her favorite exercise is and she'd likely give one definitive answer: boxing.

Fans of Lakshmi know this isn't anything new. Back in 2016, the "Taste the Nation" star shared with The New York Times that her love for the combat sport began after a friend bought her an introductory lesson as a 30th birthday gift. She explained that she became "hooked" because of how it improved her confidence and focus. "When someone's swinging at you, it's hard to be daydreaming," she said.

To this day, boxing still plays an important role in the 51-year-old's life. Even though she once admitted to Parade that joint problems have forced her to slow down, her Instagram reveals that she still occasionally spars at Mendez Boxing Gym in New York. And so naturally when the television personality had the opportunity to meet a professional boxer a few years ago during "Top Chef"  — and not just any boxer, but Laila Ali, aka the daughter of the "GOAT," Muhammed Ali — she couldn't help but ask for some tips.

Lakshmi showed off her boxing skills for Laila Ali

What Padma Lakshmi got in return ended up being a full-on boxing lesson. Recalling the moment in a post on Instagram this week, she shared a special throwback video of herself receiving pointers on how to perfect her jab from Laila Ali while backstage filming "Top Chef." Ali, who is also a cookbook author, appeared as a guest judge during the season 16 episode that paid tribute to her late father. "This was a dream come true!! Learning how to jab with @thereallailaali," Lakshmi captioned the clip. 

Although the "Top Chef" host wears a red semi-formal dress and flip-flops in the behind-the-scenes clip, her game face is on throughout the entire video. She listens intently as Ali offers her pointers for how to perfect her form. "Thank you, Laila, for the down and dirty lesson after being an incredible guest judge on @bravotopchef. I've been boxing for decades, but have never been in a real fight. Such a treat to learn from the best!!" she concluded.

Lakshmi's followers loved seeing the iconic behind-the-scenes moment. "Two beautiful successful women I dig it!!" commented one user alongside fire emojis. Others expressed admiration for the television star's jabbing skills, especially standing alongside the professional. "Perfect form!!!" applauded one user. "You're stinging like a bee, girl! Impressive as usual" added a second. Another commenter probably summed up how every boxing fan felt watching the clip. "That's a $10,000 boxing lesson in one clip! Lucky you!"