Why Reddit Has Issues With The Chefs On Netflix's Iron Chef Reboot

It's been four years since Food Network's "Iron Chef America" came to an end after 13 cut-throat seasons, laying the groundwork for the seemingly endless menu of cooking competition shows viewers can choose from today. Inspired by the Japanese program of the same name, the iconic series saw "Good Eats" celeb Alton Brown helming the judge's panel while The Chairman, actor and martial artist Mark Dacascos, cut the proverbial ribbon of each episode by sharply proclaiming, "Allez cuisine!" to the intuitively skilled and ruthlessly determined pro chefs in the Kitchen Stadium below. The premise was simple: per Food Network, "world-class chefs" would visit the stadium to challenge one of its resident Iron Chefs, which included household names like Bobby Flay, Masaharu Morimoto, Cat Cora, and Michael Symon. The host would then unveil a "secret ingredient," which the battling chefs would have to incorporate into their dishes in a time crunch. 

Given the show's popularity, there is little doubt that lots of people are chomping at the bit for "Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend," the buzzy reboot of the series hitting Netflix on June 15. Per a trailer released by the streaming platform earlier this month, the reimagined series will once again feature Mark Dacascos as The Chairman and Alton Brown as a host, this time alongside "Top Chef" champion Kristen Kish. Despite the excitement surrounding the series, however, a few "Iron Chef" stans took to Reddit to voice their questions and concerns about the reboot's contestants.   

Redditors want to know how the new 'Iron Chef' contestants were chosen

According to People, the Kitchen Stadium in "Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend" will be occupied by Australian chef and TV personality Curtis Stone, celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson, prolific cookbook author and restaurateur Gabriela Camara, Emmy-winning chef and Food Network vet Ming Tsai, and French Michelin master Dominique Crenn. Last week, a Reddit board introducing the new residents drew some mixed responses. Namely, some users wondered why the producers didn't bring back the original residents of "Iron Chef America," and why the new ones were named "Iron Chefs" if they hadn't been featured on the original show. "Doesn't seem like 'Iron Chef' without Morimoto," wrote one user. "None of these people are 'Iron Chefs' tho, right?" asked another. "Are they competing to become the next 'Iron Chef'? Unsure of the premise of this show."

Other Redditors came to the defense of the new contestants, noting that the residents of "Iron Chef America" were similarly chosen for their accolades outside of the series. "They just picked people [for 'Iron Chef America']," wrote one user. "I would say their reputations alone are worth a lot more than any TV cooking show," said another. "These are a collection of the best chefs in America."