The Indiana Donut That Was Just Voted 'America's Greatest'

If you love donuts, you may have sunk your sweet tooth into many flavors offered by popular donut chains found in the U.S., like Krispy Kreme or the not-so-modestly named Legendary Dougnuts. Like a sweet-seeking missile, you might have even wanted to find what people consider the best variety that the nation has to offer. In 2021, named Worcester, Massachusetts, as the best city for donut lovers to visit while in 2019, National Geographic declared Los Angeles, California, America's donut capital. So you might be surprised to find that according to a recent poll, "America's greatest donut" isn't in either state but rather in Indiana. How was that decided?

According to a press release, the Underground Donut Tour wanted to find the best donut by conducting America's Greatest Donut Contest. Over the course of almost 8,000 votes, people chose between 160 donut shops. There are a number of categories, like Best Cider Donut and Best Mochi Donut, so it's possible that your favorite type of donut was covered in this survey. 

Although The Underground Donut Tour had a number of winners for specific varieties, the Overall Fan Favorite also won several other categories.

Rise 'n Roll's Cinnamon Caramel Donut wins Overall Fan Favorite

Per the press release, the Underground Donut Tour found that the title of Overall Fan Favorite donut went to Indiana-based Rise 'n Roll Bakery for its Cinnamon Caramel Donut. Rise 'n Roll's website describes the dessert as "always addictive," noting that it is "covered in sweet caramel sauce and dusted with cinnamon sugar." This donut also took the awards for "Greatest Cake Donut, Greatest Cinnamon Sugar Donut, Greatest Unique Filling, and Greatest Unique Toppings." 

Rise 'n Roll posted a Facebook video of its Cinnamon Caramel Donuts last year, and fans sang the praises of these sweet treats. One person even commented, "We drive 90 minutes one way just for these delightful treats!!!" Other Facebook commenters got straight to the point, saying, "Best donut ever!!!" and "Love these donuts." 

It seems that "America's greatest donut" hasn't been around for a very long time. Rise 'n Roll's website explains that its first store opened in 2004, and the brand began when an Amish couple started selling baked goods "from their front porch" in 2001. Now, you can find its bakeries across the state of Indiana. Looking for a donut outside of Indiana? Check out the best donut place in every state.