This Is The Best City To Visit If You're A Donut Lover

When you're hankering for a sweet treat in the morning, nothing feels better than chowing down on a delicious donut. These fabulous confections allow adults and kids alike an excuse to indulge in a circle of sugar and sprinkles before 9 a.m. — and honestly, what could be better than that? But let's be real, donuts aren't simply breakfast fare, these circles of happiness can be enjoyed 24 hours a day. Whether you like your donuts glazed, powdered with sugar, or bursting with cream, there's truly a type of donut out there for everyone. 

Regardless of where you live, there's usually a donut-specific spot that's never too far away, whether that's Krispy Kreme or Dunkin'. While that may be the case, there are certainly cities with more donut joints than others. For all you donut aficionados out there, keep reading to find out which cities are a must-visit on your donut tour across America, according to Rent

This is the donut capital of America

While not every city is catered towards donut lovers, Rent dishes on which cities across the U.S. are home to not just the best donuts, but boast the most donut businesses per capita, per density, and overall. A wide range of cities made it into the top 10, including McKinney, Texas, and Orlando, Florida, however, it looks like when it comes to cities with the most donuts, the East Coast takes the cake (or the donut). According to the outlet, Worcester, Massachusetts, reigns supreme with nine donuts per density and three donuts per capita, with a population of 185,428 people. That means, there are a jaw dropping 22 donut stores per every 100,000 residents. 

Not only is this Massachusetts-based city dotted with donut shops galore, but it is also home to some devilishly delicious confections. If you are a Worcester-native, or a Bostonian driving through the area, make sure to check out Glazy Susan. This cute cafe hosts a slew of specialty creations on their menu, including pumpkin cheesecake, maple French toast cake, and chocolate sprinkle. Rochester, New York, and Jersey City, New Jersey, stole the second and third spot respectively for the best cities for donut lovers. If your city didn't make the list — don't fret! Rent ranks the top 50 donut cities across America, so there's bound to be one or two locations within driving distance.