Dunkin's Late Summer Menu Has Reportedly Been Leaked

Dunkin' has always been known for its quick-grab donuts and coffee. Still, the chain is constantly innovating and updating its menu, announcing, for example, a surprising donut flavor for its spring menu and celebrating days like National Donut Day with a "free donut with the purchase of any beverage," per ABC7 New York. And while the recent releases may seem random, they actually all tie into Dunkin's strategic plan to shed its place as a "donut heavy" spot and introduce more options for a broader fanbase, meaning new drinks and food options beyond donuts in their continuing grab-and-go format (via MBA Skool).

And while Dunkin' is usually able to keep the news under wraps, the occasional pre-announcement slip has gotten past Dunkin's radar every now and then. In the past year or so, there has been a ton of leaked news about Dunkin's upcoming initiatives and menu items, including a Reddit user who beat the chain to the punch in announcing its "delicious" new coffee flavor — the then-upcoming Brown Sugar Cookie syrup. In another instance, an influencer came across some of its new items as previewed at a food expo and shared some early news of hot chocolate and cocoa bombs before they were officially announced. As you can imagine, the leaked hot cocoa bombs caused a stir.

Now, it seems Reddit is at it again, with a user leaking some alleged new summer menu items before Dunkin' makes the news official.

Dunkin' is bringing the brew and bites

According to a Reddit user, Dunkin' plans to bring a new drink and return a beloved food item to its menu in the late summer of this year. While Dunkin' has not officially broken the news by way of a press release, the user's news comes complete with photos and incredibly specific details. The two posted photos show the new drink, a Brown Sugar Cream Cold Brew, complete with Brown Sugar Cold Foam on top, noting that it will be available from June 22 to August 16. 

It also shares an Everything Stuffed Bagel Mini, an everything bagel bite filled with a healthy amount of cream cheese, which will be served from June to January 5, 2023. The bagel bites were previously released in 2020, but it seems they had enough positive reviews to warrant a return, with The Impulsive Buy noting the only thing they would do without is the heavy heat from the lava-like cream cheese center and another giving it a "BIG THUMBS UP" on Facebook.

Despite the positive reviews, many Redditors were unimpressed with the news of both the drink and bites, instead suggesting other items like the return of the Blueberry Pomegranate or Cranberry Apple Refreshers. Others noted that these two items are a bit underwhelming, with one questioning, "Isn't it usually 8-10 new items?" and another noting, "Dunkin' has been really bombing on LTOs this year, in my opinion," suggesting that the chain cut down its menu before adding any new items.