The Restaurant Dessert That Left Reddit Horrified

Ordering dessert at a restaurant is always kind of a toss-up. On one hand, you're so stuffed from all that free bread and your dinner that you can't possibly have another bite. On the other hand, that tablet mounted at your table keeps advertising that big hunk of brownie with ice cream and caramel, and you aren't made of steel. According to Culinary Lore, there is a reason restaurants always offer over-the-top desserts. They're getting as much money out of you from your stay as they can by tempting you with a wide array of culinary treats in all manner of styles.

Now, don't get us wrong. There's nothing wrong with enjoying a big fancy dessert every now and then. Indeed, for a raging sweet tooth, such delights as the I Bet You Can't sundae from Dylan's Candy Bar or one restaurant's pricy $25,000 dessert in New York City can be a dream come true. But for some, the air of pretension and over-the-top showiness can get exhausting after a while.

According to some Redditors, one restaurant's unique style of serving its dessert was something that had to be seen to be believed.

One restaurant just threw its dessert on the table

Imagine you are at an upscale restaurant. You just polished off the main course and, finding yourself hungry for more, decide to order dessert. After a little while, the waiter comes out carrying your dessert on a tray. Instead of handing it to you on a plate, however, the waiter picks up your dessert, smashes it down on the table, and leaves without saying a word. This was the experience shared on Reddit's r/WeWantPlates, a subreddit dedicated to opposing unconventional "quirky" methods of serving. Commenters were appalled by the video of a chocolate dessert being smashed down on the table in front of customers.

"He dropped it with such disdain," one user replied.. "Lap it up, foodies."

"You either get a boost in immune system," another user said, "or a horrible stomach bug after eating from that table." Meanwhile, another user simply joked, "Stupid. They should just serve it in a trough without spoons, hand out pig noses to everyone at the table, and charge them $200 each for the experience."

The restaurant was revealed to be Toro Latin Restaurant and Rum Bar in Scottsdale, Arizona, with the dessert being known as the La Bomba. According to ABC 15, the La Bomba dessert, which translates to "the bomb," gets its name due to the fact that waiters are required to drop the dessert in front of you like a messy ice cream bomb. Fortunately, the table is covered in plastic wrap.