The Real Reason This Restaurant's $25,000 Dessert Is So Pricey

One of the most iconic restaurants in New York City is Serendipity 3, an old eatery that has managed to stay relevant for several decades. Serendipity 3 continues to appeal to its diners with a plethora of food options and an ambience that's hard to beat. As highlighted by New York Magazine, while the restaurant has many savory options such as pasta, hot dogs, hamburgers, and more, it really shines when it comes to its dessert offerings. 

Diners can choose to order a classic frozen hot chocolate at the restaurant that's available in several varieties if they are looking for an explosion of flavors. A piece by the New York Times pointed out that Serendipity 3 can be safely classified as a restaurant that is as extravagant as possible while offering comfort food to its customers. Basically, it manages to pull off a fine balancing act rather effortlessly.

But guess what? There's more! The legendary eatery is known for coming up with one of the most expensive dessert options ever, priced at an unbelievable $25,000. This isn't a joke. Seriously. Wondering how that happened and what makes the dish so expensive? Here's everything you need to know about this luxurious dessert option. 

It has actual gold in there

Back in 2007, Serendipity 3 made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for serving the priciest dessert in the world. As reported by E! News, the restaurant's special dessert, the Frrrozen "Haute" Chocolate, costs a whopping $25,000 and is the fancier version of the establishment's regular frozen hot chocolate offering. 

Why the hefty price tag, you ask? Well, the dish has all the usual suspects like milk, whipped cream, and cocoa, coupled with 23-carat edible gold. Five grams in all. Gulp. It's also served with a special kind of truffle from France called La Madeline au Truffle. Diners get the royal experience, replete with a gold spoon "decorated with white and chocolate-colored diamonds," a goblet lined with even more edible gold, and an 18-karat gold bracelet adorned with one carat of white diamonds.

According to Guinness World Records, the dessert includes a unique blend of some of the priciest cocoas in the world. Additionally, the sundae was prepared with the help of luxury jewelry brand, Euphoria New York. Oh, and did we mention that this record previously belonged to another dessert from Serendipity 3? However, by comparison, it now seems rather affordable, as The Serendipity Golden Opulence Sundae was priced at a mere $1,000. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is!