Did Twitter's Stuck Bowl Saga Ever Get Solved?

If you've been anywhere near Twitter this week, you might have heard a mention or two about the stuck bowl saga, a predicament posed by artist Chi Nugyen (known as @whatchidid) that has captivated people so well we almost forgot about the TikTok's viral healthy coke concoction.

It all began on Monday morning when Nguyen tweeted out a plea to her followers: Help her figure out how to separate two ceramic bowls that stuck to each other while dishwashing without breaking them.  "I've tried to fix this for 2 days, and I cannot give up now," she explained. Nguyen then recounted in a thread more than a dozen bowl-separating methods that she had tried to no avail, twisting, plunging, freezing, microwaving, and aggressive shaking. Nothing worked.

Within hours, the tweet racked up more than 50,000 likes with countless people flocking to the comments to offer suggestions for how to separate the bowls. Determined to find a solution, Nguyen continued to update her followers with a hilarious record of her failed attempts, one of which included "passive-aggressive comments to either/both bowls." The following day, thousands more were invested in the saga and one person wrote, "Praying for the bowl lady." Even a former NASA engineer offered help. Another person created an entire website dedicated to the cause.

Soon, jokes about the predicament and people's investment in it were made. But by day three many people still wondered: What ever happened with the bowls?

An unexpected helper got the bowls apart

On Wednesday, Chi Nguyen revealed that the bowls were finally unstuck.  "OMG WE DID IT!" she tweeted with a picture of the separated bowls. So what eventually worked? According to Nguyen, it was laying the bowls upside down on a towel for several hours, then handing them to the toddler with a suction cup and a "clear mandate that bowls must stay together," before finally banging it all on the carpet. In another reply, the artist revealed a photo of her helper in action.

The news has left some people on Twitter absolutely beside themselves. "THE BOWLS ARE SEPARATED I REPEAT THE BOWLS ARE SEPARATED," exclaimed one user. Many were surprised by the unexpected solution. "... Of course a toddler, why didn't anyone suggest that earlier? Possibly the most satisfying conclusion to this saga that I could imagine," someone tweeted. "Absolutely invested in this bowl saga for days ... She gives it to a toddler, and THEY ARE SEPERATED ... what a world!" remarked another. 

For anyone who may be puzzled by why the method's worked, one user offered some sage wisdom and noted, "If it is electric, unplug it, count to 15, and plug it back in. If it is not electric, give it to a toddler. This is the answer to fixing 90% of life's problems. The other 10% can't be fixed, only replaced." Now, the internet can return its attention to Jennifer Garner's viral bagel recipe.