The Truth About TikTok's Viral 'Healthy Coke' Concoction

When it comes to dieting or even just maintaining a healthy lifestyle, many turn to healthier versions of their favorite foods. A great number of these hacks have come to light in recent years, particularly on the short-form video platform TikTok.

For example, one TikToker shared why you shouldn't throw out banana peels. According to her TikTok, you can use banana peels to make vegan-friendly bacon. On a similar note, you can use the stringy texture of jackfruit to make vegan pulled pork. Or if you have a real hankering for curly fries, you can fry up some zucchini curls for a snack that tastes just as good (via Eating Well).

One of the latest creations to come out of the internet is "healthy Coke." That's right: TikTok has supposedly come up with a recipe for a drink that tastes just like Coke but with less sugar and fewer chemical additives than even diet soda. But just how good is this "healthy Coke"?

TikTok's 'healthy coke' is good, but not better than Coke

TikTok's latest trending recipe is for a "healthy Coke." While a coke being healthy kinda takes all the fun out of the concept of junk food and sugary beverages, we get the idea behind it — making something that tastes just as good but is not as bad for you.

Ashley McCrary-Mac was one of many to post a TikTok about this beverage. According to her video, you mix balsamic vinegar (but not too much, she cautions, as it can be overpowering) and seltzer water. She uses a can of LaCroix, but you can use any seltzer of your choosing.

Once mixed, the drink looks and fizzes just like a regular coke. She noted in the comment section, "It does not taste identical to a Coke. However, it tastes super good." While many viewers were on board with the trend, others weren't as sure. One person commented, "If you think this will taste like Coke, you're delusional."

Eater tried making its own "healthy Coke," concluding that comparing this drink to the original Coca-Cola is "just setting up what could be an otherwise enjoyable beverage up for complete and total failure." In other words, if you're looking for a healthier alternative to Coke, just go for a Diet Coke or a Coke Zero.