Panera Is Making A Popular Gift More Affordable Ahead Of Father's Day

Father's Day is just around the corner, but don't worry if you don't have a gift yet, there are plenty of options out there. If your dad loves cocktails, you can buy him Aviation Gin, which just shared a new cocktail recipe for Father's Day, and it's cheekily named the "Vasectomy." But if your dad is the type that prefers a full meal, then Panera Bread has a deal that might be a better fit. Plus, Panera's deal may be good for anyone who is on a budget, too.

Brand Eating reports that Panera will be selling gift cards for 20% off in honor of Father's Day, and the fast casual restaurant states that this deal applies to physical gift cards as well as digital gift cards as long as the purchase is made between June 1 and June 19. This also means that if you're buying a present last minute, you'll still be able to surprise your dad with a Panera gift card and take him out for breakfast or lunch.

How to get the 20% discount on a Panera gift card

Although this Father's Day discount applies to both the tangible and digital gift cards, if you want the 20% off, you'll need to purchase the gift card through Panera's website. Panera also says this discount applies to reloads, so you don't need an entirely new card if you already have one (per Brand Eating). On Panera's website, there are specific links you'll need to click to snag the 20% off deal, and there are separate links depending on whether you're looking for a plastic or digital gift card.

There are more limited options for plastic gift cards, and there's also an additional fee to have the gift card mailed to an address. Some of Panera's egift cards are themed for Father's Day, like one that says #1 Dad along with "I Break for Bread." Does your dad love sweets? Buy an egift card with cartoon cookies that reads "Without You We'd Crumble." Some other gift cards contain a simple "thank you." The discount applies to all gift cards, so if there's someone else you want to show gratitude for in your life, you can also take advantage of this deal.

This gift card deal also comes after Panera brought back some summer fan-favorite menu items, and we won't blame you if you grab gift cards just to have an excuse to drop by your local store.