The Two Arby's Items You Can Get A Limited-Time Discount For

The U.S. is currently going through a concerning food inflation crisis, so keeping an eye out for good deals on groceries and meals out is more important than ever for those looking to save. Thankfully for consumers, there are plenty of fast food meal deals happening right now, from Popeyes rolling back menu prices for its 50th birthday, to a new half-off deal from Arby's on two of its specialty sandwiches. 

The two items in question are the Smokehouse Brisket sandwich, which features smoked meat and plenty of barbecue sauce, and the Greek Gyro, which can be made with gyro meat or with turkey, which some consider to be Arby's most underrated menu item. For the promotion, customers who have an Arby's account will be able to get either a Smokehouse Brisket sandwich or a Greek Gyro for 50% off with the purchase of another full-price item. The deal is valid through June 30, which means customers won't have much time to decide which sandwich they want to try.

Which sandwich is better?

Arby's customers online have shared lots of opinions about both sandwiches. The Greek Gyro has garnered some positive reviews on Reddit, with one person saying, "We have a great gyro place in my town and I kinda liked Arby's gyro. The pita was surprisingly good." Another commented, "I'm from NJ, the diner capital of America. I've tried the gyro at every diner from exit 1 to exit 11. The Arby's gyro is solid." But not everyone was convinced. "Mine was all mushy. Bread, meat, everything."

The Smokehouse Brisket has received some mixed reviews as well. For the flavor, one fan on Twitter said, "Arby's Smokehouse Brisket is hands down best fast food sandwich out there." "Smoked brisket lathered in luxurious bbq sauce between buns they probably stole from heaven. That's just the simple version," another user replied. On the downside, some commenters on a YouTube review of the sandwich thought it was overpriced. "$8.39 for the sandwich itself is sort of steep," said one. But if there are any frugal diners who have been wanting to try it, the 50% off promotion might finally be the right opportunity.