Giada De Laurentiis Shared A Rare, Emotional Tribute To Her Boyfriend

If there's one thing we want for Giada De Laurentiis, it's everything. The bright, bubbly, Italian-American success story has been giving fans authentic, delicious recipes for years through her shows on the Food Network, her cookbooks, and her adorable TikTok videos. And if fans can't help wanting to know more about her personal life — why De Laurentiis' daughter doesn't want to be a chef, for example — it's because they care. Nobody puts De Laurentiis in a corner; not on our watch.

That's why it was so nice to see a special message De Laurentiis shared for her boyfriend, Shane Farley. If the woman who has given them so much is happy, fans are happy, too. And it couldn't have been easy to get to a place of public proclamation of any kind about her relationship, given how curious De Laurentiis' adoring public is about her personal life. 

"After I got divorced, I spent about a year and a half alone, not dating," De Laurentiis told People in 2018, explaining that she needed the space to "figure things out" after being married to ex-husband Todd Thompson. But a friendship with Shane Farley, a producer who was tapped to work on an ultimately unrealized De Laurentiis talk show, turned into a little something more. And advocates for a joyful Giada around the world probably did a little happy dance. So, what's the culinary commodore been saying about her partner?

Heart, gut, and nervous system all in check with Farley

In a June 16 Instagram Story post, Giada De Laurentiis posted an Instagram birthday tribute to Shane Farley, in honor of the big 5-0. "Happy bday to the man who calms my nervous system," De Laurentiis wrote (via People), complementing the compliment with a kissy-face emoji and one of those sideways crazy-faces. 

The photo that accompanied the story featured a very smiley-faced Farley facing a trio of tasty desserts presented on a platter. It's hard to know whether the wooden board of treats was courtesy of a fancy restaurant or a professionally-trained, chef-extraordinaire girlfriend. But either way, Farley looked pretty pleased. A June 16 post on De Laurentiis' page also shows Farley (and De Laurentiis' ex-husband, Todd Thompson) at another family milestone: her daughter Jade's eighth-grade graduation. 

As De Laurentiis told People regarding the quarantine days of 2020, "spending every second of every day together" has had its perks. "I think it's made us stronger," the chef said of her relationship with Farley following the lockdown days. As for calming her nervous system, perhaps De Laurentiis means it literally? Traveling and working in food means De Laurentiis thinks carefully about the effects of what she eats, and the chef fully endorses good gut health. When it comes to her nervous system, though, it sounds like Farley was the missing ingredient; the red heart next to his name on her Instagram post says it all.