Reddit Is Sounding Off About Starbucks Oatmeal

Known for its coffee, Starbucks has developed quite the following. In fact, Referral Candy calls the chain the "most popular global coffeehouse." But, as popular as Starbucks may be, it isn't without its critics, and sometimes its coffee drinkers and employees can be the most critical. Everyone needs a place to vent about the workplace or the food they order from time to time, and Reddit seems to be a destination where employees can "unofficially" roast a complicated Starbucks order, or patrons can express unhappiness over Starbucks' new summer menu. But those aren't the only things they discuss. 

Many have taken to this social media community to share their point of view about the chain's loaf cakes and to call the company out for the apparent shrinkage or "quality control" of its grilled cheese sandwich. Others have shared inspiring topics, like an artistic Starbucks name board of which the internet couldn't get enough. The conversations really run the gamut. Well, now the community is sharing its feelings about the coffee shop's oatmeal. This menu offering is leaving some Starbucks employees wondering if it's worth the money — and they are sounding off about it. 

How much is convenience worth?

A Starbucks customer took to Reddit to share a photo of a bowl of the chain's oatmeal that's not even half full and captioned it: "4 dollars for this? What happened..." The post has since received 735 likes and 194 people offering their thoughts and comments as of this writing. 

One Redditor offered, "It's always been way overpriced. For at least the 15 years of its existence. Literally pure profit." Still, another chastised the poster for buying it in the first place, writing, "Lol u paid for oatmeal at Starbucks dats what happened." This community member was not alone in their assessment. Another critic echoed the sentiment, but offered some sage advice: "Lol fr an entire box of flavoured Quaker Oats is only $3.50. If people really want the Starbucks oatmeal vibe on a budget then throw some quaker packets in your bag and go to Starbucks to ask for their oatmeal cup and hot water."

Clearly, Starbucks is charging for the convenience of making the oatmeal; however, as Serious Eats explains, oatmeal is an economically priced staple that is not difficult to make at home, and with inflation at a 40-year high (via NBC News), it might be time to reconsider how much convenience is worth.