Culver's VP Of Marketing Dishes On Menu's Hidden Gems - Exclusive

With summer underway, who doesn't want to head out for some delicious frozen custard? There's no better place to do it than Culver's, home of the Wisconsin dairy classics. As their Welcome to Delicious campaign promises, going to Culver's brings tasty foods and homey atmosphere. Now, Culver's is hitting the road as part of their "From Wisconsin, With Love" tour. The company is bringing its hometown classics and some special events to cities all across America, serving up menu staples such as cheese curds and their famous frozen custard from their food truck.

These delights straight from America's Dairyland never fail to delight the taste buds, but Culver's expansive menu includes so much more. We sat down with Culver's VP of marketing Julie Fussner for an exclusive interview to find out what menu items we should keep our eyes peeled on and our mouths open for the next time we go to Culver's, and some of them are true hidden gems.

Culver's hidden gems

One of Cluver's most popular menu item's is their signature ButterBurger. The ButterBurger gets its name from the bun, which is delicately spread with locally made butter from Alcam Creamery. "The standard favorite for me is a ButterBurger Cheese with a few different toppings on it, that one's great," says Fussner. Culver's has a number of ButterBurgers to choose from, including the classic, and Fussner's favorite, the ButterBurger Cheese.

If you do not see a burger that is exactly what you are looking for, don't worry. Culver's lets you have your burger exactly the way you like it. "You can have it any way you want and we make it fresh once you order it," Fussner explains. Every burger is made to order from fresh never frozen beef. As Fussner points out, this is not common in the world of fast food: "We are very slow fast food."

More than just the ButterBurger

The ButterBurger is undoubtedly one of Culver's most delicious and popular menu item's, but the company is more than just the ButterBurger. "I'll be honest with you," says Fussner, "there's some hidden gems, like our cod filet sandwich." The Culver's North Atlantic Cod Filet Sandwich features cod that has been hand cut and battered, fried to perfection and topped with lettuce, Wisconsin cheddar, and Culver's own tartar sauce, all served on top of a lightly toasted bun which is, of course, buttered. As always, each sandwich is made fresh, and guests are welcome to get it exactly how they want it.

When asked about other hidden favorites, Fussner responds, "Our shrimp is really outstanding. Pretzel bites, obviously fresh, frozen custard. You can see it's a little hard for me to narrow it down. I had chicken tenders today."

From fantastic hand breaded fish, to Pretzel Bites with Wisconsin Cheddar Sauce and the classic chicken tenders, Culver's has many gems waiting to be explored.

The "From Wisconsin, with Love" tour is going on now through the end of August. To find the stop nearest you, or to vote for Culver's to come to your location, visit the Culver's Website.