Malibu Rum Wants To Pay For Your Next Summer Vacation

Vacations might embody the spirit of relaxation or adventure, but they're also strongly defined by alcoholic spirits for some people. In a survey of 500 people conducted by The Vacationer, 53.2% of respondents said they always consume alcohol while on vacation while another said they do 19.6% do on occasion. While a vacationer might normally choose the drink and the destination, Malibu Rum is changing the dynamic by letting the alcohol choose the vacationer and the location. In a press release, Malibu announced that it would be partnering with Country artist Jessie James Decker to give away free vacations that are worth $10,000.

Wondering where exactly Malibu Rum and Decker will be whisking the winner off to? That's the one small catch of this sweepstakes. The vacation locations won't be revealed until mid-July along with the winners. What we do know is that Malibu Rum and Decker "have curated a variety of Secret Escapes, each inspired by Jessie's favorite U.S. cities."

In a 2018 Yahoo article, Decker shared that she loves to travel to Destin and Panama City in Florida, and sipping rum on the beach sounds like a recipe for a summer vacation. However, people will have to wait a few weeks to see if Florida shows up as one of the locations. It seems that summer might just be the season of surprise trips because Jose Cuervo is also offering people mystery vacations.

How to get your chance at a free vacation on Malibu Rum

The sweepstakes for vacationing on Malibu Rum's dime isn't too complicated. Entrants would go to Malibu Rum's website and fill out a form with a bit of personal information and an essay about why they're ready to head on a trip. And don't worry — the essay has a maximum of 100 words, and there's some time for people to think about why exactly they should be the one to win the excursion.

The press release explains that this form will be open until July 5, and you can also bring two other people with you on this trip, which will be planned by the company Pack Up + Go. Even without a free trip, it's possible to get into the vacation spirit by making TikTok's boozy pineapple that features Malibu or making a recipe for refreshing coconut cream mocktails that non-drinkers can enjoy with you.