The Dish Chef John Loves To Cook The Most

We know that life can be manifestly complex. Then we found John Mitzewitch, better known to his fans as Chef John, sharing his favorite dishes on YouTube, and realized we were wrong. Life doesn't seem confusing at all, at least not when Chef John talks about food. 

There's something unique about the 58-year-old chef and his relaxed, non-fussy approach to cooking food. The lack of extravagance is the trademark of Chef John's YouTube channel "Food Wishes," which has amassed over four million subscribers. The growth of his channel has been phenomenal since its inception in 2007. It seems like he named the channel with one purpose — to be the Santa Claus of the culinary world and fulfill the unique recipe wishes of his fans. While he doesn't show his face in the videos, there's no hiding the funny and passionate mind behind the recipe videos that might help rekindle your love for cooking.

With a whopping collection of over 1,700 videos on his YouTube channel, it's no secret that the chef is always trying new recipes (even the ones outside his comfort zone) and offering the best of traditional American cuisine. But some of you may be curious to know if there is one dish he loves to cook the most. As it turns out, there is one recipe that he claims to be his absolute favorite.

Chef John loves to cook pasta fazool

Chef John has decades of experience in the American food industry and has earned it from every position possible, from working as a dishwasher to becoming a beloved chef and running one of YouTube's most subscribed to cooking channels (per The Spruce Eats). In his culinary career, he has made detailed and easy-to-follow videos for thousands of delicious dishes, from pancakes and falafel to garlic spaghetti and perfect mashed potatoes. 

Despite making numerous dishes, pasta fazool is one dish that always satisfies his taste buds. His most loyal fans might already know the chef favors this Italian soup since he has posted at least four videos of the recipe on his YouTube channel, like this one that goes back to 2007. 

In an exclusive interview with Mashed, Chef John reveals that he never gets tired of preparing the Italian-American comfort food. "That's one of our go-to dishes. In fact, we have a, not to brag, a fairly nice vegetable garden so there's always some fresh tomatoes and beans, zucchini," he said. Adding, "...a little grated cheese on top, some fresh herbs, piece of crusty bread. I mean, I could eat that every day."

You can also try this pasta e fagioli recipe (aka pasta fazool) and fall in love with it as much as we are.