Abby Tariq

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Lahore, Pakistan
University Of Management And Technology, Lahore, Pakistan
Cooking, News, Movies, Food, TV
  • Abdullah is a food enthusiast, and his passion for writing led him to work for Mashed as a freelance news writer.
  • He has strong research and writing skills, which he developed while working as a content writer for the University of Management and Technology. He was able to hone the skills that would later help him embark on an entirely new journey.
  • He has taken several creative writing and SEO copywriting courses to produce high-quality, engaging content for the readers.


Abdullah Tariq is a free-spirited freelance content writer by profession and a telecommunications engineer by accident. He has over six years of freelance writing experience. He has previously written for DESIblitz, a multi-award-winning UK-based web magazine. He has also worked as a ghostwriter for several food & cooking blogs.


Abdullah earned his Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications from the University of Management and Technology.
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