Andrew Zimmern Reveals The Unexpected Challenge Of Silos Baking Competition - Exclusive

If you're in need of a new foodie Netflix show, you've come to the right place. "Silos Baking Competition" premiered on Magnolia Network on June 12, and the one-hour special has fans buzzing. Joanna Gaines is joined by guest judges Andrew Zimmern and Zoë François in Waco, Texas, for the ultimate summer bake-off and an epic cash prize. Spoiler alert: The winner, Annie Paul, claimed the title with her fruity Summer Berry Bars that will now be available as a treat in Silos Baking Co.

During an exclusive interview, Mashed talked to Andrew Zimmern about his time on "Silos Baking Competition" along with his judging criteria when it comes to food and pastries. According to Zimmern, the criteria change with each television broadcast that he is a part of, and he claims that judging on "Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend" is entirely different. The chef mogul also revealed one unexpected challenge of "Silos Baking Competition" that the audience didn't get to see — and it's a doozy.

The weather changed drastically in the afternoon

There is one baking rule that everyone should know — icing and heat are not friends. Due to "Silos Baking Competition" being filmed outside with a live audience, Andrew Zimmern explained that the weather was a bump in the road for competitors. He said, "That was a really interesting challenge to throw in the way of the competitors because you start the morning [and] it's 50 degrees. By the time we were eating, it was 85 or 90 degrees." As a baker, the last thing you want is melted buttercream on your cupcakes.

Zimmern continued, "You can imagine what that does to icing or buttercream or cake or ... It's covered, but being out, doing a baking competition outside in front of a live audience that was very sizable — that was a blast." Texas heat and a baking competition? Sounds like good television — and the competitors' treats sound even better. Winner Annie Paul's Summer Berry Bars consist of delicious spices like cardamom, cinnamon, and lemon zest, along with strawberries (via People). You may even be convinced to make a copycat version for yourself this season. 

Tune into Food Network or Magnolia Network for shows like "Silos Baking Competition," and head to Andrew Zimmern's website for his newest recipes.