We Finally Know Whether Inflation Will Affect Costco's Hot Dog Prices

Undoubtedly one of the greatest mysteries of all time is Costco's hot dog combo. Well, okay, we know the real reason Costco's hot dog meal is so cheap –- the chain makes the hot dogs itself -– but it's still a heck of a deal.

Costco first introduced its $1.50 hot dog and drink combo back in 1985, according to Business Insider, and not once has the price wavered. As a result, the chain sells more than 150 million hot dogs each year (via Puget Sound Business Journal).

However, over the last several months, inflation has sent food costs skyrocketing. Eggs, the food that has seen the greatest price increase from inflation, have nearly doubled in cost since December 2021. Although Costco's hot dog and drink deal is hardly anyone's priority right now, many of us are still wondering if the combo will finally deviate from its historic price tag of $1.50.

Costco's hot dog combo is here to stay

Earlier this month, Costco raised the price of two food court items. Per Today, the wholesale retailer's chicken bake saw a $1 price increase, while its 20-ounce drink increased in price by 10 cents. These price hikes for food court faves left the internet in shambles. Amid concerns that the hot dog would be next, the chain's CEO reassured shoppers that the $1.50 deal was safe.

According to an interview with CNBC, CEO Craig Jelinek said he would not be hiking the price of the hot dog combo. Jelinek's predecessor made it quite clear that the hot dog deal must remain at $1.50, regardless of other changes Costco might have to make.

One rumored change is an increase to membership fees, but we need not worry. If the record-breaking statistic Costco just reported about its membership retention wasn't assurance enough, Jelinek confirmed that it's not "the right time" for another free increase (via CNBC).