New Mashed Survey Reveals America's Favorite Brand Of Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Search for a chocolate chip cookie recipe online and you're bound to get overwhelmed. Thousands of recipes on the internet all claim to be the best. And if you head to Amazon to buy pre-made chocolate chip cookies, you'll find a similarly overwhelming amount. So Mashed decided to find America's favorite brand of chocolate chip cookies, surveying 526 people in a recent poll. Surely, the inventor of the chocolate chip cookie never imagined that one day there would be so many different brands to choose from, but the truth is that not all cookies are created equal.

There was a fairly large gap between the lowest-ranked cookie brand, Entenmann's, which got 12.93% of the vote, and the winning brand, which scooped up nearly 31% of support. That's not to say Entenmann's is bad — the cookies have 3.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. But, while some of the positive reviews included "they are yummy" and "moist, chewy, and very good," negative comments include "while not totally disgusting it definitely wasn't close to what I was expecting" (via Amazon). But there are many more choices worth mentioning on our survey.

Popular brands rounded out the list

The chocolate chip cookie that ranked first in Mashed's survey of 526 people was Chips Ahoy! with 30.99%, followed by Pepperidge Farm, with 23% of the vote. Famous Amos came in third with 19.77% of support, while Keebler, known for its iconic Fudge Stripes cookies, ranked fourth with 13.31% of votes. As mentioned, Entenmann's came in last place by a slim margin, with 12.93% of respondents saying they prefer the brand over others.

Amazon reviewers also seem to love Chips Ahoy! chocolate chip cookies, which are rated 4.8 out of 5 stars. Only 1% of reviewers gave the cookies 1 star, while 86% said it is a 5-star product. And those reviews were pretty glowing. "Best tasting cookie you can buy," one reviewer said. "I find them to be crunchy and delicious," said another customer. The positive reviews go on and on for respondents' favorite chocolate chip cookie brand. But, hey, how can you go wrong with any chocolate chip cookie?