Amy Schumer's Dream Dinner Party Setting Has 1920s Written All Over It

Bon Appetit has a feature in its monthly magazine called "Dream Dinner Party," written by Dawn Davis, where celebrities are asked to dream up their perfect dinner party. Notable figures like writer Margaret Atwood, country legend Dolly Parton, politician Stacey Abrams, and chef José Andrés have taken part in the column, each providing a uniquely different dining experience.

The celebrities are asked which three people they would invite to a dinner party, real or fictional, alive or dead, and what would be on the menu. While Dolly Parton would create a casual dinner party for heavy hitters Jesus, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Elvis, "Downton Abbey's" Julian Fellowes would break out the family-crest china and silver candlesticks to dine with jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald, movie star Marilyn Monroe, and novelist Anthony Trollope. 

Amy Schumer, the actor/comedian who has branched out into the culinary field, is now sharing her take. Schumer and her chef and James Beard Award-winning food writer husband Chris Fischer created a cooking show on Discovery Plus called, "Amy Schumer Learns to Cook." The show takes place in their home kitchen where Fischer cooks, and Schumer does what comes naturally to her: comedy and killer cocktails, all while singing and storytelling.

When Bon Appetit reached out to Schumer about her dream dinner party, the actor detailed one out that left every reader desiring an invitation.

Amy Schumer's dream dinner party

Schumer set the stage for her "Roaring Twenties" dream dinner party in The Campbell Bar in New York City's Grand Central Station (per Bon Appetit). The former office space and reception hall of financier John Campbell would be restored to its 1920s splendor, showcasing the Florentine-inspired decor with soaring 25-foot-high ceilings. Like the speakeasies of Prohibition, the bar is a hidden gem tucked into the train station, making it difficult to find.

Invited to her party is the deceased writer Mark Twain (later nicknamed Twain Twain); her best friend and comedian, Rachel Feinstein; and husband Chris Fischer; with comedian Bridget Everett joining the party after things get going. Naturally, Fischer will be doing the cooking while Schumer plays bartender. 

For the party, Schumer would mix an "Old Friend" cocktail that combines Campari with Basil Hayden bourbon, served in a vintage-style coupe glass (very retro), garnished with an orange peel. While guests are singing and laughing, Fischer would prepare a meal beginning with clams, followed by a veggie ragu pasta course and carne asada.

Woven in between the cocktails, good food, and laughter, Schumer would like to confront Twain with all the things he got wrong (per the Los Angeles Times). Then, they'd laugh some more and talk about his friendship with Helen Keller. The comedian put a lot of thought into her dream dinner party, bonding with Twain and leaving us with the question, who would you invite to your dream dinner party?