The 'Emo Wendy's' Memes That Have Twitter Cracking Up

When it comes to fast-food chain Twitter, Wendy's is usually churning up roasts and ready to poke a bit of fun at its rivals. For example, Wendy's once burned Jack in the Box and McDonald's in one tweet. But now, Wendy's has other accounts tweeting about the brand, and more specifically, its logo.

Alt Press tweeted a photo of Wendy's logo with the caption "what if we ... kissed outside the emo wendys?" The photo depicted the Wendy's logo featuring a girl with sweeping bangs covering her face, as opposed to her traditional pigtails (and yes, it does look emo). Fans were quick to join the bit and bring their love of emo music and punk bands to the comments section. One person wrote, "Let me get a Dave's double with a side of misery business," referencing a Paramore song. Another commenter said, "welcome to the baconator parade." Even the Wendy's U.K. Twitter account brought a reference, tweeting, "then we'll dance 2 fall out boy by the drinks machine." We'd totally listen to some My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy while eating a Wendy's burger, too.

Where did the 'emo Wendy's' logo come from?

Wondering why exactly this Wendy's has a funky new logo? It's part of a promotion for a new location in Camden, London. Near the bottom of the "emo" Wendy's sign, a bit of text explains that this image was made in collaboration with Camden Open Air Gallery. The Drum explains that this is the eighth Wendy's store that has opened in the United Kingdom, and according to Restaurant Business Online, the chain returned to the U.K. just last year. Part of this opening involved a mural that was inspired by the neighborhood's cultural history. Camden has "an enduring spirit and eclectic fashion" (per The Drum), so a few different Wendy's logos with new hairstyles were created — although the one with sweeping bangs over the eyes definitely has emo vibes.

There's a lot you might not know about Wendy's mascot, and the official, permanent logo has only changed six times in more than 50 years. Some people think that the collar of the girl's shirt spells out "mom," but don't be fooled by this Wendy's logo myth. While we love the classic logo, we think that this twist gives it a fun, new look. Which Wendy's logo is your favorite?