Why Instagram Has A Problem With Costco's Lemon Cheesecake Cups

Love a cold, refreshing glass of lemonade in the summer? There are a lot more ways to enjoy lemons besides in a drink. We've rounded up 45 of the best lemon recipes for citrus lovers, and you can also snag seasonal products at fast-food chains like Culver's, which is currently selling six types of lemon ice for the summer. If you're heading to Costco anytime soon, you can pick up a large bag of lemons to make desserts, or as Instagram user Costco Buys points out, pick up something already prepared. The account posted a video showing packs of lemon cheesecake dessert cups at one location, each including six individual glass cups of cheesecake.

Last year, Costco sold lemon cheesecake pots topped with cookie crumbs, but this product was only available in the Pacific Northwest. Although the recent post doesn't specify if the new lemon cheesecake cups are exclusive to any region of the United States, the comments section is full of people who have tried them (so we're hoping they're more widely available). But while the original poster enjoyed the dessert, many other commenters were not impressed with the item.

Some Costco shoppers find these lemon cheesecake cups bitter

When it comes to a delicious lemon dessert, you need a good balance of sweet and sour flavors. But based on the comments of Costco Buys' recent Instagram post, it looks like customers who have tried the warehouse retailer's lemon cheesecake cups found the dessert too bitter. Even some lemon lovers say they're not coming back for more, as one commenter notes, "Not a fan and I love lemon! I found these to be extremely bitter." Another person pointed out that the cheesecake cups include lemon rind, and, "that is confusing if you don't expect it" — and we're guessing this is what's contributing to a bitter taste for some people. However, some customers found the cheesecake portion itself to be delicious.

Although customers didn't rave about the lemon cheesecake, they do love the cups the dessert comes in. Commenters say that they've been reusing the jars, so even if you don't like this cheesecake, not all is lost! One Costco shopper suggested using the cups for plants. Disappointed by these lemon cheesecake cups? You may want to try out this lemon curd recipe at home to add on top of a cheesecake, or follow this easy lemon cream cheese cookies recipe for a tangy take on sugar cookies.