Culver's Lemon Ice Is Back In Time For Summer With 6 Fruity Flavors

A frozen drink on a hot summer day can be one of the most refreshing respites. That chill can help you beat the heat while quenching your thirst. Whether you are sitting poolside or shotgun in your best friend's convertible, a frozen beverage screams warmer days are here. One of our favorite harbingers of this season is the return of Culver's lemon ice. Our own hands-on research can confirm that this icy treat will not only provide you with the sweet tang of citrus, but it might also give you the nostalgia of brain freeze if you sip on it or shovel it into your mouth too quickly.

This Wisconsin franchise has been serving up frozen custard treats since it opened its first restaurant in 1984. While most people know about Culver's ButterBurgers and the chains custard, its frozen lemon desserts are also quite popular. As one YouTube reviewer described, its texture is like "snow" and it tastes delicious. Culver's lemon ice is not an anchor menu item, which is why its fan base will be excited by a Chew boom report that this sweet treat is returning for a limited time, but with six fruity flavors that the fast food chain hopes will tantalize your taste buds and keep you cool this season.

Culver's offers a variety of ways to enjoy its Lemon Ice

Culver's lemon ice might be an homage to those treats made in New York City by classic Italian ice shops. What is lemon ice? Basically, it's lemonade — the real stuff — and use a slow freeze method that produces tiny ice crystals for a creamy smooth texture. You can enjoy your lemon ice in its simplicity or you can add any of the six fruit toppings that include strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, peaches, and cherries. But there are two other ways to enjoy lemon ice.

According to Chew boom, you can also order up a lemon ice cooler or lemon ice smoothie, both of which start with Culver's classic lemon ice. The lemon ice cooler simply blends your fruit choice of strawberry, mango, strawberry-mango, blackberry, blueberry, or red raspberry with the lemon ice to create a drink that we think is on par with a frosty frozen margarita (sans the alcohol). The smoothie version of this menu item also uses lemon ice as its base, but adds Culver's vanilla custard and blends it up to smooth perfection. But once summer is gone, so is Culver's lemon ice, so enjoy it while you can.