Costco's Regional Lemon Cheesecake Pots Have Shoppers Jealous

There are some things you can find at almost every Costco across the country year-round: Kirkland's wine, juicy rotisserie chicken, and massive tubs of peanut butter pretzels, to name a few. But there are also things that are only available at select Costcos at select times — and those limited-edition finds often sell out fast. Rather than wait and hope to come across said special items the next time you brave the bulk retailer, you can follow one of the many Costco fan accounts on Instagram that post all of the newest things and where to find them.

One of those accounts, @costcodeals, recently posted about a decadent dessert that has fans excited (and hungry!): Upside-Down Lemon Cheesecake Pots from Pots & Co. The U.K.-based brand is tough to find in the United States, but it has expanded its reach in the last few years. Naturally, people are pumped about the recent Costco discovery. 

The cheesecake is only available in the Pacific Northwest

Sad news for East Coast Costco shoppers: The Pots & Co. lemon cheesecake pots are currently only being sold at Costco warehouses in the Pacific Northwest region, according to @costcodeals. Each pack costs $11.59 and contains four adorable handheld pots of citrusy deliciousness. The lemon cheesecake is handmade and, as the Pots & Co. description reads, is "a lemony explosion with this zesty lemon curd topped with a handmade crunchy cookie crumble."  

It isn't the first time the cheesecake pots have been at Costco — Delish reports that the Pots & Co. treats were sold at the retailer last July, as well. Regardless, shoppers can't wait to get their hands on the dessert. "We just had these the other day, delicious and you can keep the cute ramekins," one Instagrammer pointed out. "I want these more than I want to breathe," one fan commented on the post, while others not in the Pacific Northwest are begging Costco to expand the line to other stores. "Send some over to the Midwest," one Costco shopper said, while another agreed: "I need this in the Northeast stores."