The Unexpected Ingredient Amanda Freitag Uses In Her Avocado Toast Spread

Avocado toast has been having its moment in the sun. In fact, it's practically become something of a punchline, per The Guardian and InsideHook. The wildly popular brunch dish, categorically beloved by the millennial generation, can be whipped up — and gobbled down — in a matter of minutes. While the menu item receives a great deal of criticism for its high price point, there are reasons why this fare is so fashionable. It's substantial. It's hearty. It's eye-catching. Best of all, it's customizable. In fact, there's really no wrong way to make avocado toast, so long as the two main ingredients make an appearance in some way, shape, or form.

Over the years, countless variations of the vivid breakfast superstar have surfaced. For example, a viral TikTok recipe featured Trader Joe's hash browns as the "toast" foundation in lieu of traditional bread. Restaurants and home cooks have also expressed their creativity via different garnishes and twists on the standard avocado-centric formula. Chef Amanda Freitag, for one, incorporates a tasty soybean into her unique recipe for the morning staple.

Chef Amanda Freitag's 'avo-mame' toast is simple and delicious

Amanda Freitag recently shared a video on her Instagram of a recipe for what she dubs "avo-mame" toast — a medley of avocado and edamame. To make Freitag's brunch sensation, you need just a handful of ingredients, all of which are readily available at most markets. The gorgeous pastel green spread calls for a cup of shelled edamame (technically called mukimame), olive oil, salt, a whole avocado, and some lime zest and juice.

She also adds in a pinch of chica adobo, her special blend of pimentón, onion, oregano, and other savory spices, for a touch of heat. For the toast base, feel free to crisp up your favorite bread. Lastly, for the topping, mix together some colorful, juicy, sliced cherry (or grape) tomatoes, freshly chopped basil, minced shallot, sherry vinegar, olive oil, and salt in a large bowl.

Perhaps not surprisingly, fans are absolutely loving this "easy AF" recipe. One user even suggested, "This would make an amazing dip!"