Andrew Zimmern's Reaction To The Choco Taco News Is So Relatable

Do you ever think about the snacks of your childhood? The snacks that stopped being made and disappeared from store shelves, never to be seen again. There was a day in your life when it was the very last time you had that special treat, and you didn't even know it. Well, it might have just happened to you again. The internet is in mourning over this Choco Taco news, and for novelty ice cream lovers, it's not pretty: the frozen treats have been discontinued (via CNN).

Lots of people on Twitter were upset to hear that this beloved dessert would no longer be a staple of ice cream trucks and convenience store freezer chests, including everyone from Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy to the social media manager at Four Loko. But one person we weren't expecting to join the fray is "Bizarre Foods" host Andrew Zimmern. Zimmern has traveled the world; surely he doesn't care about frozen novelties? It turns out that assumption couldn't be further from the truth.

Andrew Zimmern thinks these two treats should get the axe instead

Andrew Zimmern has eaten a wider variety of foods than most people will in a lifetime, from Ethiopian enset to fresh Alaskan sea cucumber. His palate is notable, so when he states a food opinion, people usually listen. Upon hearing the news that the Choco Taco, which he called "arguably the best quiescently frozen dessert treat ever," was being discontinued, Zimmern issued fighting words to two of Klondike's other treats. "Get rid of the Cone Zone or the Cookie's n' Cream sandwich instead!" (via Twitter).

His tweet received 184 likes and 26 retweets, and the comment section was full of people who agreed with Zimmern's assessment. "I'll take a Choco Taco over a Klondike Bar 10 times out of 10," said one tweeter. Even more interesting, though, were some of the theories Zimmern's followers were sharing. "Somebody's gonna snap up that recipe and come out with a bigger/better version," said one, while another shared: "this is a sign that Taco Bell might be coming out with a licensed version of their own" (Taco Bell brought back the Choco Taco at select locations in February of 2022). Still, others theorized that the brand would bring Choco Tacos back in a few months as a marketing ploy. But whatever ends up happening, at least Zimmern knows that he's not alone in feeling distressed by the departure of this iconic frozen treat.