The Internet Is In Mourning Over This Choco Taco News

Although Klondike is known for its ice cream bars and cones, the company also come out with other creative treats, like milkshake pouches. But arguably one of the company's more iconic treats is the Choco Taco. Instead of a regular old ice cream cone, you get to enjoy vanilla fudge-swirled ice cream and hardened chocolate dotted with peanuts out of a waffle cone shaped like a taco shell.

But unfortunately, Choco Taco fans might have to find a new go-to dessert. According to The Takeout, Klondike is discontinuing the unique ice cream treat. Whenever a fan-favorite item is discontinued, there is usually some uproar and that's no exception with this frozen loss. It was major news for ice cream lovers when the Choco Taco was brought back to Taco Bell just a few months ago. We can only imagine fans' disappointment to see that it now won't be available at all.

What are Choco Taco fans saying about this?

After Klondike announced that will no longer make Choco Tacos (per The Takeout), fans were quick to react. One Twitter user posted on the social media website, saying, "I wasn't convinced that we were on the darkest timeline imaginable until I saw that the Choco Taco is being discontinue by Klondike. It's over, man." Many other people continued the same strong tone in their reactions. Another commenter even posted a photo of a message they sent to Klondike asking them to reconsider their decision.

Although this is sad news, there's always a chance that Klondike decides to bring back the beloved Choco Taco. While there's no indication whether that can happen, plenty of other food brands have brought back beloved items in the past. For example, Mountain Dew resurrected a fan-favorite flavor after a decade, so hey, there might be hope. For now, savor the last of your Choco Tacos, and if you need help finding a new top Klondike product, check out our ranking of Klondike ice cream bars.