39% Of Americans Agree On Which Sandwich Chain Is The Best

While some people might have opened their lunch box to a bland sandwich every day, the robust options of American sandwich chains appeal to customers who want variety. From that need to have freaky fast delivery to a refresh of old favorites, the choices could fill over a month of different sandwiches. 

According to FranchiseChatter.com, sandwich chains appeal to consumers because of their variety. From including healthier options to customization, those concepts ensure that guests have the meal their way every time. Whether it is the bread holding together all the ingredients to the flavor combinations, guests want to feel like they have a hand in creating that perfect bite.

Still, sandwich chains need to evolve and avoid becoming stale. From embracing current food trends to even offering a touch of nostalgia, familiarity is only one success component. According to a 2019 YouGov survey, America's favorite sandwich is grilled cheese. While that 79% likability rating is telling, it's not a sandwich that is easily achievable for a quick service restaurant, which might be the reason why sandwich chains shy away from putting it on the menu. But, other highly likable sandwiches, such as turkey and roast beef, come in many options for the grab and go variety. With so many choices, one question has yet to be answered: which sandwich chain reigns supreme with Americans?

Which sandwich chain has the best bite between two slices of bread?

While the Golden Arches might call with its World Famous Fries and that Southern-style chicken sandwich might cause a craving, many people prefer a great sandwich to curb that hunger. Although there are many quick-service restaurant options, a Mashed survey of 526 Americans found that one company earned the top spot with 39.16% of the votes. In our poll, Subway was crowned the best sandwich chain.

From the new Subway Series to the low-carb bread options, Subway entices guests with its variety. While the brand's Eat Fresh Refresh transformation has been well-received, the concept adapts to what consumers want: variety with a healthy slant.

The other top sandwich chains in Mashed's poll were Jersey's Mike's (21.86%), Firehouse Subs (19.20%), Jimmy John's (14.45%), and Which Wich (5.32%). Fans of other sandwich chains, such as Potbelly, Blimpie, or even Schlotsky's might feel left out in the cold. One item is telling about this list, though: There's no Dagwood sandwich in sight. Perhaps that gigantic sandwich is too big of a challenge for the quick-service restaurant market.