Why The FDA Just Stepped Into The Viral Pink Sauce Drama

If you're on TikTok, you know that the current drama over the viral Pink Sauce has more heat than a plate of Jake Melnick's XXX chicken wings. Although some of the worst food trends we've ever seen have come from TikTok, the rise of the infamous neon condiment has been particularly controversial. From labeling inconsistencies to a lack of fully shelf-stable ingredients, the list of issues is longer than a CVS receipt and has prompted the FDA to address safety concerns about the sauce, Vice reports.

For those unfamiliar, Pink Sauce is a unique creation by Miami-based Chef Pii. TikTok fueled the popularity of her condiment, the contents of which remain somewhat mysterious. Although the brand's website lists dragon fruit, sunflower seeds, garlic, chili, and honey, the ingredient list is inconsistent with references to milk, soy, and distilled vinegar.

Now, the FDA is doing an official taste test of the Pink Sauce, and Chef Pii said she plans to comply fully. The newfound scrutiny may give everyone a better understanding of what's really inside that bottle that gives it that special flavor.

The FDA is ready to give the Pink Sauce a squeeze

Many cooks have a special sauce that has everyone around the table encouraging them to bottle it and make millions. Unfortunately, that endeavor is not as easy as "Shark Tank" may lead people to believe. Though Chef Pii's viral Pink Sauce had many people dropping $20 to get that first taste, the FDA has some concerns. 

The organization didn't give Vice any details about its investigation of the condiment, but it offered the following statement: "Food producers are required to follow Current Good Manufacturing Practices. The FDA evaluates these practices to ensure that companies are in compliance, but ultimately it is a company's responsibility to produce a safe food product."

Chef Pii, though, has been more vocal than the FDA about the criticism of her now-infamous sauce. "I'm not in trouble. I'm not going to jail," she said to Vice. "Nobody can accuse the Pink Sauce of anything going forward."

The chef responded to the controversy

Chef Pii's reaction to the FDA investigation was quick. Though she told Vice that she's "not in trouble" and would be "abiding with the FDA," her previous social media comments didn't exactly help build viewers' confidence in her business. After Chef Pii responded to the TikTok controversy, many users remained unconvinced that the improperly labeled package contains sauce that's safe to eat. 

Speaking with The Washington Post, the Miami chef maintained that her sauce is made "in a commercial facility that is certified by the Food and Drug Administration," and she's cooperating with a laboratory to address customers' concerns about labeling and ingredients. She won't, however, reveal exactly how the sauce is made. 

While a great mystery might make a fun read, no one wants to play Russian roulette with their food consumption. Will the FDA's investigation bring clarity to the Pink Sauce debate?