The Viral 'Pink Sauce Chef' Finally Responded To The TikTok Controversy

If you've been anywhere near TikTok lately, you're probably aware of the drama surrounding TikToker @Chef.Pii (who goes by Pink Sauce Queen) and her controversial pink sauce product. Per Daily Dot, ever since its launch back in June, the colorful condiment — which looks like a cross between Heinz EZ Squeeze and Teletubby custard — has been subject to widespread criticism particularly due to safety concerns over its suspicious ingredients, packaging, and distribution. Across TikTok, complaints from customers over high prices and two-week shipping times, along with reports of leaky packages and spoiled products have led some to call out the user for potentially violating food distribution laws.

The Pink Sauce Queen finally addressed the backlash on TikTok this week. In a video post that now has 3.5 million views, the creator apologized for the shipping delays and opened up about the problems she experienced trying to keep up with increased demand. On July 13 she shared that she had moved pink sauce production to a commercial kitchen facility. However, per the recent update, she claimed she didn't anticipate business to take off as quickly as it did, noting it may have resulted in some rushed work that led to the errors on the nutrition label and packaging. The business owner concluded the video by thanking people for their business and said she and her team were working to provide a guaranteed replacement product with a corrected label in the near future.

The creator claims her team is fixing the issues, but customers still aren't convinced pink sauce is safe

While some viewers expressed appreciation for @Chef.Pii's transparency, for others, the response wasn't sufficient. In the comments section under her video update, many users called the business owner irresponsible for downplaying the pink sauce's issues as simple human "mistakes," especially since those mistakes could have made it harder to avoid food poisoning. "Girl, a gift and a thank you note not gon' save somebody when they fighting for their life on the toilet" asserted one user. "Food is not something that can be trial/error," rebuked another. What's worse, some commenters claimed that there were still inaccuracies on the updated nutrition label regarding the fiber content, so it seems things might not exactly be fixed yet. 

Still, amid the pile-on, some viewed the TikToker's struggles sympathetically and expressed their desire to support the business if the issues were properly addressed. One user who claimed to be a former USDA chemist even offered to provide assistance for the creator to do things the right way. However, many followers would rather wait for her to provide proof of certification before taking any risks. As for those who already purchased pink sauce, one user offered some encouragement that the drama may end up working out in their favor. "Have you or a loved one been affected by the 'Pink Sauce?'" they joked. "If so then you may be liable for compensation."