The European Burger King That Takes Self-Care To The Next Level

Although Burger King doesn't reign supreme in overall fast food burger sales (that crown belongs to McDonald's, who outpaces them in revenue by more than a three-to-one ratio), it's certainly no slouch. Burger King is the second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world, operating over 18,700 locations in more than 100 countries and U.S. territories, according to Restaurant Brands International.

The brand has an impressive roster of international locations that have contributed to its ability to stay afloat in the face of stiff competition both domestically and abroad. The next time you find yourself in Timor-Leste or Oman and you feel the urge to visit the Home of the Whopper, you can rest easy knowing that Burger King has you covered.

Perhaps part of the reason Burger King has been able to compete worldwide is its ability to adapt and assimilate into the culture of the different countries in which they open stores. One European Burger King incorporated a country's cherished cultural pastime that takes self-care to the next level.

Naked lunch

In 2016, a location in Finland opened a Burger King-themed sauna and spa in the capital of Helsinki where people can relax, unwind, and unwrap a cheeseburger (via CNN Travel). The store features a 15-person sauna, shower room, locker room, and media room with TV and gaming facilities.

Patrons can cover themselves in robes or towels emblazoned with the Burger King logo while they enjoy their fast food sauna experience. To appreciate the appeal of a sauna in a Finnish restaurant, you first have to understand the sauna's importance in Finland's social and professional culture. More than two million households in a nation of approximately 5.5 million have a sauna, and using a sauna is a weekly occurrence for most people — whether enjoying it with friends and family or work colleagues (per Culture Trip).

Since Fins often combine the sauna with drinking and eating either beforehand or afterward, the franchisees of the Helsinki Burger King location derived the idea of including a sauna in the restaurant. The sauna is decked out in Burger King colors and festooned with logos and company slogans. You can eat inside the sauna or in a nearby lounge. Just be careful to watch the heat and make sure you don't get flame-broiled along with your Whopper.