The New Butter Toffee Cashews That Have Costco Shoppers Freaking Out

Costco's in-house brand Kirkland Signature has acquired a bit of a reputation over the years. Besides selling all sorts of products ranging from gas and batteries to liquor, meat, and pizza, certain Kirkland offerings have a cult-like following that can stand up to the big name brands. Out of all the things  that the in-house brand dabbles in however, Kirkland's game in the snack department has been top-notch. From milk chocolate and salted caramel macadamia clusters to chocolate-covered almonds and raisins, Kirkland's sweet nuts have always been a hit with shoppers.

Not one to disappoint its fans, Costco seems to have introduced another flavor of nuts for its sugar-loving clientele. According to Instagram account @costcobuys, the new butter toffee-flavored cashews are keeping in line with the retailer's top-quality low-price motto — a 24-ounce bag of nuts is priced at $8.49. The post is already filled with plenty of fire emojis and comments like "my new snack, they'reeeeeer so good!!" from shoppers who've managed to snag a bag and are vouching for the newest Kirkland Signature item.

Shoppers like the ingredient list and nutritional info

Sharing an image of the nuts on Reddit, a thrilled shopper showed off their bag of the snack: "Love cashews. Love toffee. Better start loving elastic waistbands too!" Another shopper on a separate thread also joked, "Those [the cashews] look like they could be trouble. As in 'I just ate 3000 calories of Cashews'" trouble." But it turns out, the cashews might not be too much trouble after all. 

According to fellow shoppers, the sugary nuts are surprisingly light on sugar. A 1/4 cup or 34g serving of the cashews contains 11g of total sugar, about 21% of the daily recommended intake. "You know that's actually less sugar per serving than I would have guessed for those," wrote a shopper while another said that these nuts have just enough sugar that you can still taste the cashews beneath all the sweet toffee. Others who glanced at the ingredient list also found that the cashews don't seem as bad as other overly coated sugary nuts.

Redditors do warn though that the toffee-coated cashews are extremely filling, making it rather difficult to binge-eat the Costco snack and empty it in one go. "The good thing is cashews are heavy and filling, so I can't eat too many at once. Otherwise I'd be posting a pic of an empty bag lol — yes, they're that good!" admitted one user — whether that's a good thing or a bad thing is entirely up to you to decide.