The Surprising Thing Costco Fans Love Most About Its Chocolate-Covered Almonds

Costco is a wonderland when it comes to snacks. Yet, while the wholesale retailer consistently offers top-quality choices at reasonable prices, the best part just might be that you can buy your favorite snack in bulk! If you're lucky, you might even find a special deal.

When it comes to snacks Costco fans are obsessed with, there's plenty of competition at any given point in time. A few months back, an Instagram account dedicated to all-things-Costco — Costco Buys — posted a picture of two Costco snacks, which started a matter of serious discussion in the comments below: Which snack is better, Costco's Kirkland brand chocolate-covered raisins or chocolate-covered almonds?

While the raisins had a loyal fan following of their own, people could not get over how good the milk chocolate-covered roasted almonds are, wishing that the retail giant even rolled out a dark chocolate version. One particular chocolate almond fan even admitted they binge eat the almonds while watching films to the point that their jaw hurts from eating so much! However, while shoppers clearly have their allegiances, many fans of said chocolate-covered almonds love this particular aspect of the snack most of all.

Redditors love this unexpected element of Costco's chocolate-covered almonds

So, what is it about Costco's Kirkland Milk Chocolate Almonds that makes them so good that you could empty the entire jar in one go? Per a Reddit user, it's all about the tiny chocolate balls, sans almond, that get mixed into the chocolate almond jar. Sharing a picture on Reddit, the chocolate almond fan admitted that it's the "little 100% chocolate balls" that are the best part about eating the chocolate-covered almonds. To this, another Redditor added that they would eat a lot more of the "almonds" in one go if they were tiny, bite-sized balls like those.

One comment even compared eating the almond-less chocolate balls to eating a bag of peanut M&Ms only to luckily find an M&M or two missing a peanut, subsequently wondering what makes finding these nut-less balls in a bag of chocolate-covered nuts so good. Another Redditor liked the chocolate bits in the chocolate-covered almonds so much that they jokingly asked: "Does anyone else just eat the chocolate and put the almonds back in the jar ? Asking for a friend lol."

Amongst all the clear chocolate fans, though, was one Costco shopper who found there to be a little too much chocolate in the chocolate-covered almonds, adding that, "Chocolate almonds are delicious, but the Costco ones always have a little more chocolate than I want. The chocolate to almond ratio is too damn high."