Twitter Is Loving This Sneak Peek Of Gordon Ramsay On Selena Gomez's Show

If you spent a lot of time glued to your television watching HBO Max during the initial rise of the pandemic, you probably came across the new-form cooking show titled "Selena + Chef." With a refreshingly funny approach to the classic culinary TV series, singer and actor Selena Gomez takes viewers on a wild ride as she cooks (or attempts to cook) in her home kitchen while following recipes directed by famous chefs via video chat, per AP News.

Although most viewers believe Gomez lacks skill when it comes to cooking, there are many aspects of the show that fans do recognize and appreciate as it approaches its fourth season — such as the laughs. "Selena + Chef" viewers, especially those in the 20-something range, appreciate the relatability Gomez exudes in cultivating her culinary prowess, Esquire reports. Not only is Gomez giving confidence to new at-home chefs through her gaffes, but viewers also enjoy the laid-back, conversational environment and endearing presence of her grandparents in the episodes.

Apart from the lighthearted components of the series, Gomez has donated $400,000 in profits to various charitable organizations around the globe, according to a WarnerMedia press release. Now, "Selena + Chef" is giving food fans another reason to tune in with news about the upcoming season.

It looks like Ramsay and Gomez will cook together in person

With speculation brewing over the details of "Selena + Chef" Season 4, which premieres on August 18, fans have finally learned some details about the featured chefs thanks to a new trailer from HBO Max. On the roster are Rachael Ray, Priya Krishna, DeVonn Francis, and, perhaps most notably, Gordon Ramsay from the infamous "Hell's Kitchen." While viewers may wonder what it's like to actually work with Ramsay, the show is looking to be full of laughs based on a clip from the trailer. In the video, the duo can be seen hugging after Ramsay jokingly asks Gomez about her skill level in the kitchen, which, to his dismay, she ranks as five out of 10. 

Fans of the two tweeted their excitement about Ramsay's episode with comments like, "I cannot wait for this" and "this is THE episode I'll tune in." While the virtual-lesson format of Season 4 looks to be the same as previous seasons of "Selena + Chef," Ramsay shows up to Gomez's Malibu kitchen — the same one where she once played a role in Disney Channel's "Hannah Montana," per People — in the flesh. What they whip up together will remain a mystery until the show returns later this month.