86% Of People Think Selena Gomez Can't Cook, According To A Recent Poll

Selena Gomez is a woman of many talents. Not only is she well-known for her singing and acting, but the beauty brand mogul also recently launched her own makeup line, Rare Beauty. If that doesn't mark success we don't know what does. Gomez's most recent food endeavors also have fans' attention, namely her Serendipity ice cream collaboration and now, the hit show "Selena + Chef," that is taking over the culinary world. The HBO Max series highlights Gomez throughout her cooking journey by bringing in the world's most noteworthy chefs to help her around the kitchen. The second and third season of the series show Gomez's improvement, utilizing tips and tricks from her guest stars.

Although the "Ice Cream" singer has never identified as a chef connoisseur, people certainly still have an opinion on her cooking skills. In fact, Buzzfeed reports in a recent poll that 86% of people believe Gomez is not actually good at cooking at all. This can't come entirely as a surprise, as her entire HBO series is based upon the fact that she is a novice in the kitchen, making those results kind of harsh.

Selena Gomez would love to be a chef

According to the Hollywood Reporter, every time Selena Gomez was asked what she would love to do if singing and acting weren't in the cards, it would be cooking. Her show "Selena + Chef" allows viewers to learn new skills alongside her, an idea that was born during quarantine.

As such, Gomez is very aware that she is not great at cooking. In fact, the star said that, "People who know me know that I love to cook, except I have no idea what to do or how to do it. I can't even fix eggs properly" (per US Magazine). "Selena + Chef" even shows snippets of the pop singer starting a kitchen fire and accidentally cutting herself with a knife. And the actress definitely puts forth her best efforts when it comes to cheffing it up. Her bizarre food pairings, such as pickle juice and popcorn, may also contribute to the Buzzfeed poll results. Nevertheless, we are down to try her cooking one day. Maybe even that Serendipity sundae, too.