The New Aldi Frozen Breakfast That's Taking Instagram By Storm

While the words 'frozen' and 'breakfast' really don't sound appealing together, saving time and money are often put into consideration when choosing breakfast options. A pre-prepared egg and bacon sandwich that you can just pop in the microwave or air-fryer might appeal over that soggy bowl of cold cereal or finding the time to stop at your favorite café. 

There are plenty of frozen breakfast sandwiches on the market including, amongst others, Johnsonville's Spicy Sausage Bagels and Jimmy Dean's Sausage Egg & Cheese Biscuit Sandwiches. While these appeal to all the carnivores out there, vegetarians and vegans might be wont to say 'what about me?' There are certainly options at places like Starbucks or Dunkin' that stock sandwiches made with Impossible Burger Patties or Beyond Meat selections. 

But what about the convenience of having the sandwich in your freezer? Vegetarian companies like Morning Star Farms already have breakfast sandwich offerings but with the growth of plant-based products on the rise, it makes sense that companies like Jimmy Dean's and Aldi are expanding to accommodate that market.

Aldi's foray into the plant-based breakfast market

While more well-known plant-based brands such as Beyond Meat are occasionally available at Aldi, it has a growing list of vegan products from the company Earth Grown as its standard stock (via Treehugger). Now, in addition to dinner and lunch items such as meatballs, burger patties, and jumbo hot dogs, Earth Grown has added a breakfast item it's calling the Chik'N and Waffle Sandwich. 

Instagram account @aldifavoritefinds posted an image of the packaging which describes the product as a "meatless plant-based chik'n patty layered in vegan maple flavored waffles." User @jjj5353 replied, "I thought they were really good! Going to go back for more. And my non-vegan boyfriend liked them too." In a YouTube taste test, reviewer Loving Your Life With Momma D said, "It's sweet. It's moist. Now this one — it's a winner!" (via YouTube)

Other Instagram followers didn't seem so keen on the long list of ingredients saying they'd give them a miss. Available at Aldi U.S. stores for $4.99, each pack contains two sandwiches. All Things Aldi recommends cooking them in a toaster oven or similar instead of a microwave (via All Things Aldi).