Dunkin' Employees Are Spilling Secrets To Reddit About Pumpkin Spice

Is it ever too early to start sipping on all-things-pumpkin spice? It turns out, some netizens think it is. While icy piña coladas, fruity summer refreshers, and frozen ice pops are still in season, several coffee shops and supermarkets are already gearing up to prepare for the toasty months of autumn coming up. Costco's fall-themed rugs and spooky hot cocoa bombs are making waves on the internet, Trader Joe's has its lightly spiced pumpkin spread back on the shelves, Oreo's pumpkin spice cookies are set to hit the stores in a matter of days, and Krispy Kreme's pumpkin spice collection is already out.

Pumpkin spice enthusiasts have not forgotten about Dunkin' either. The coffee and donut shop's fall menu was leaked on Instagram way back in July with internet sleuths claiming that the days of pumpkin spice cold brews, PSLs, and pumpkin donuts were set to begin on August 17. While Dunkin' is still tight-lipped on giving any official details about its fall menu, Reddit has confirmed that the pumpkin-themed offerings may be here sooner than you think. Some Dunkin' stores are already selling coffee with the pumpkin spice swirl, but only upon request.

Is it too early for pumpkin spice?

A Dunkin' employee shared an image of the chain's pumpkin spice swirl and asked fellow Redditors whether any other stores had started selling the seasonal flavor. From the responses, it seemed that most Dunkin' stores already have the pumpkin spice swirl in stock but whether or not they can start selling them to customers is a matter of dispute.

One Redditor said that they could sell the spiced swirl but only under certain conditions, "But our rule of thumb is; if a customer asks, they can have it. But we aren't going to promote it until the day the new window starts." Others said that they weren't allowed to sell the pumpkin spice swirl until August 17 — the presumed day of Dunkin's fall menu launch. Another Reddit thread claimed that it wasn't just the pumpkin spice swirl: Many Dunkin' stores supposedly have pumpkin muffins in stock and will sell them if a customer asks.

While employees spill the details on all the fall goodies that they already have in stock, Dunkin's fans are debating whether it may be too early for the pumpkin spice season. "It really does feel too early for this. Obviously pumpkin is a fall/Autumn flavor so it feels like Dunkin is rushing the seasons lol," wrote one Redditor who pointed out that fall doesn't officially start till at least late September. It seems some Redditors agree that there may indeed be such a thing as too early.