Wendy's Will Add The Breakfast Food We All Suspected To Its Menu

If there's one thing celebrities, high schoolers, and fast food restaurants all have in common, it's that they all know that thanks to the internet, it's really hard to keep a secret these days. Social media's biggest pro — being able to share information with a huge group of people instantaneously — can also be a con for those who have information they want kept secret.

This year alone there have been several notable leaks in the fast food world thanks to social media. Redditors are especially adept at sharing this kind of confidential company information with the world. If a corporate email or employee training flyer falls into the wrong hands, chances are the world is going to find out about it. Reddit possibly leaked the end of a fan-favorite Starbucks treat earlier this year, and Dunkin's fall menu has reportedly been leaked on Reddit, too. Then, in July, fans wondered if Reddit may have leaked a new Wendy's item, and it turns out that the rumors were spot on. The chain just announced in a press release that it is adding its first-ever sweet breakfast item to the menu this August.

French toast sticks are making their Wendy's debut

In July, one Redditor posted what they claimed to be a snippet from a Wendy's company-wide email that announced a new breakfast item would be added to the menu soon: French toast sticks. Now, just a few weeks later, the chain has confirmed the new item will be available beginning on August 15 (via PR Newswire). Some say not to believe everything you read online, but with all of these Reddit fast food rumors getting confirmed time and again, it's sometimes hard not to!

Wendy's breakfast has come and gone over the years, but the chain's launch of a new breakfast menu in March 2020 has stuck around, in spite of debuting the same month that Covid-19 shutdowns hit the country. The new Homestyle French Toast Sticks will bring a sweet option to the menu, with the chain describing the item as a treat that "serves up syrupy goodness," featuring a crispy outside, custardy inside, and flavors of vanilla and cinnamon. The sticks can be ordered a la carte or as part of a breakfast combo, and each order is served with a side of syrup dip. One excited fan put it like this on Twitter: "Wendy's got French toast sticks, they have officially taken first in the breakfast game." Something tells us that Jack-in-the-Box, which just brought back its own French Toast Sticks, might have a thing or two to say about that (via YouTube).