The Rick And Morty Candy That's Arriving Just In Time For A New Season

When food and pop culture collide, fans get excited. With fall around the corner, there's a whole batch of shows coming out with their next season, and that includes "Rick and Morty." Season 6 of this animated sci-fi show starts airing on September 4, and there's a special line of candy that's coming out to commemorate the premiere.

In a press release, Trolli announced that the company was working with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to roll out a "Rick and Morty" collector pack of Sour Brite Crawlers. For a show that's as wacky as out-there as "Rick and Morty," we think that the perfect candy is one that's sweet and sour.

There have been plenty of "Rick and Morty" product drops, like Wendy's "Rick and Morty" sodas that came along with Season 5 and a Pickle Rick cereal that dropped a few years back. The most infamous product associated with the show was definitely McDonald's Szechuan Sauce, which Rick referenced in Season 3 of the show (via Den of Geek). An extremely limited sauce promotion by the restaurant had fans clamoring for Szechuan Sauce and getting highly upset when there wasn't enough. This year a gummi candy is being introduced to fans of the show.

What's unique about this Rick and Morty candy?

If you're wondering whether Trolli made up a whole new otherworldly flavor that's from another dimension, the answer is, unfortunately, no. The brand' has partnered with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and has produced sour gummi worms, per a press release. They are available in Original Mix, Very Berry, and Fruit Punch. What sets these apart from regular Trolli worms is the packaging, which features bright and colorful renderings of Rick and Morty.

This kind of project is not new for Trolli. In 2021, it joined forces with Warner Bros. Pictures for a different intergalactic adventure: "Space Jam." As explained in a separate press release, that not only came with specially designed packs but sneaker-shaped gummies. Trolli also helped celebrate Xbox's 20th anniversary with gummi worm packaging inspired by such games as "Halo Infinite" and "Sea of Thieves," according to the Xbox website.

For the show-related release, customers who buy an 8-count variety pack receive "Rick and Morty" stickers. On offer for a limited time, the worms will only be sold on Amazon when they officially launch on August 15. However, in September, GoPuff will offer select packages as well. The candy is currently available for pre-order.