Rick And Morty Pickle Rick Cereal Drops In September

Anybody want some pickle cereal for breakfast? No? What about if that cereal was Rick and Morty Pickle Rick cereal? Suddenly people become a lot more interested. Funko's latest contribution to breakfast is an awesomely bizarre cereal dedicated to the somewhat minor character Pickle Rick from the popular Adult Swim show. Thankfully, Funko didn't go all in and make the cereal pickle flavored, but it does have green-colored multigrain rings and will be available for Rick and Morty fans on September 20 (via Delish).

If you want this cereal in your breakfast bowl, get on it now because it's certainly not going to last long, and can currently be pre-ordered from FYE at a discounted price of $7.99 versus the full price of $14.99. While the box itself depicting a spoon-wielding Pickle Rick is pretty awesome on its own, the "tasty treat fun to eat" cereal even has a Pickle Rick action figure inside. How's that for a sweet bonus?

If you'll recall, Pickle Rick came around in the show's third season after Rick was turned into a pickled cucumber. The gag was an instant hit with fans and spawned everything from Christmas ornaments to tattoos, so naturally a cereal had to happen. This isn't the first time Funko has honored Rick and Morty with a breakfast cereal either. Rick and Meeseeks have each had their own cereals, complete with green and blue multigrain rings, of course. Even Tophat Jones' Strawberry Smiggles cereal eventually became the real thing — though it wasn't made by Funko (via Inverse). Who knows, maybe Scary Terry will eventually be lucky enough to have his own cereal as well. 

With Rick and Morty storming onto screens in November for a new season, curling up on the couch with a bowl of Pickle Rick cereal seems like an awesome way to enjoy the next round of their adventures.